28 March 2012

Relocation: one step at a time.


Click on the image to proceed to the new location.

I am gradually taking off my blogs from blogger/blogspot and moving them all to my personal domain.

http://thecoolsun.whybenormal.org/ will be the location where I will be blogging, from now on.

Thanks for staying with me all this while. You are all most welcome to come to The New Cool Sun.

Signing off,

27 January 2012

Apple Restaurant

I was at a dinner ‘party’ this evening. Some meetings/conferences happening at the office and the guests and we went together for dinner.

It was a really terrific restaurant. Funnily, they had everything there apple-related. On the walls, there were artificial apples hanging. At the entrance, there was a HUGE machine which could juice hundreds of apple in a go. Their wifi-netword was “Apfel-net” (Apfel is the German word for apple).

And yes, it went much further to the following level.WP_000077

They had even the toilets done with apple themes! How about that?WP_000079

And well, the dinner was mostly fun. One of the guys wanted to try out the eggplant dish, because he liked all about it, except the eggplants! So, he asked for it without the eggplants. (this stupid joke got repeated enough that I was royally bored with it)

Every one in the group had some special demand regarding the food. The waitress, was extremely accommodating and very friendly. Needless to say, I *really* liked her! :)

The service was excellent and the food was fantastic!

(Some day I should take my SO to this restaurant.)

And, at the end of the day I became a savior too. One of the guests hadn’t checked in the hotel and the reception was closed by the time we reached and his reservation wasn’t of much help. With my German skills, I managed to secure him a room without trouble.

So, it was an altogether very nice evening.

And I am sooooo tired now. So this is good night from me.
Signing off,

27 November 2011

Ok, Judge me now.

Most of us are uncomfortable when (it looks like) someone is judging us. Well, we use the term “judging” only when the evaluation is not the way we desire. But when it comes to others, most of us aren’t reluctant to judge (of course, when it is our “assessment”, it has to be good, right?)

On Thursday, we watched the latest installment of Twilight saga – “Breaking dawn – part 1”. I was not planning to, when I got out of office. But then she suddenly had the idea and we headed to the theater near home. (And watched it in German)

It easily qualifies for a spot in the bottom ten movies of all times. Still it was good that we went, for, she was extremely happy that we went for the movie.

So, there you have it – a good reason to judge me. If that’s not enough, I can also tell you that I’ve read the whole saga – I wanted to know what the fuss was about and failed to find the cause for the fuss.

Signing off,

23 November 2011

This shall not be the case

Not being regular, here on the blogosphere, is not the way to go. I should get back to writing. And I think, yes, I will.

For a long time I wasn’t sure why I am not writing. Two major things coincided with the downfall of the frequency of posting and like any other idiot, I assumed that one of those was the reason for my lack of writing. (I know, correlation doesn’t equate to causation)

Apparently, it appears now,  something else, of which I was oblivious, was (and is) the real reason.

The situation would not change for at least 6 more months. But I have already taken long breaks and I should get back to writing.

Here is my attempt to break the long break. More will continue…. soon.

Signing off,