30 December 2008

My friends are friends

I don't know if any of my dear readers have ever tried to clap for 5 minutes non-stop. It hurts your palms - at least my experience says so. As a part of the Christmas Program, for which I was the tutor, I took my students to the ballet - "Le Corsaire". The ballet was simply superb and it has totally changed my opinion about ballet/opera/etc.

There were a minimum of 60 performers on the stage and about 1200 (supposedly elegant/elite) people watching the performance. It was awesome and the hall was roaring with claps for at least 5 minutes. :)

Whenever you get a chance, do go for such a thing - at least once. [Boys: Take your girl-friend with you. Girls: If your boyfriend doesn't, then dump him].

This was just one of the umpteen wonderful things which happened in my life during the past few days. It would take hours before I could write everything here and I don't intend to bore you with all those details. And if I am to write the unconventional thoughts which occurred to me during my absence, then it would take ages to write them all.  :)

Anyway there is one little thing I want to write. Just like Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) says in "You've got mail", I feel slightly bad after a tit-for-tat reply to someone - even if that person earned it from me. [Apparently, I am usually good at these tit-for-tats]

And this happened during the Xmas celebration of the Kerala-Community in Munich.

I had never spoken with her earlier. So it was the first time ever conversation and I was decently gentlemanly. Well, She tried to insult me and what I said was a little over board and she just deserved it.

At that time I felt that a larger audience would have been nicer. The nasty version of me. ;)

I got to leave. My friend is coming home and I had promised "Blueberry pancakes" - let me go make them! Yummy!!!!!!!!! :)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: It's been sometime since I blogged the last time. Lack of mobility, lack of access to Internet etc. are the reasons for my absence. Well, now I am back - just to give some updates and leave soon. I shall be back with more power on my fingertips - later.

PPS: Almost forgot to tell about the title - I love to introduce my friends to each other. If they are friends among themselves too, then life becomes really good, right? This happened with 3-4 friends of mine and I am so happy about it.

15 December 2008

Tricks of the trade!

In one of the web-sites I visit (more or less) regularly, I read the following line as someone's signature:

Any life is made up of a single moment, the moment in which a man finds out, once and for all, who he is.

That single line made me smile, for it was just that morning, I was thinking something on similar lines. I was just feeling completely content about my identity. I was just feeling happy that I am happy in myself - the real self of mine. Just me -- not my status/relationships etc.

While walking from home that morning, I told myself that I could be really happy even if I was taken from this world and put in a different place - where everything would be new/unknown. I wouldn't be a doctoral student; I won't be an Indian. A place where none of those adjectives are valid - I will be still happy with the man I am.

Great, isn't it? Would everyone has this realisation-day? Am I too late or early in thinking so? Perhaps LATE: that could be the case - because I had another realisation that I am late in drawing conclusions, where as some of my friends make up their minds even before getting all the facts. So, it could very well be the case that I am late in getting this so called vision. Right?

Well, I don't know if this is the time when one is to leave all this material world and go, and turn to a monk. If it is so, I don't intend to do so! Let the reasons lie secret.  :)

Design Patterns .. Ice
Morning Beauty

Now, let's go to some little light weight stuff.

Yesterday, I was sitting beside a friend of mine and was reading a book. She was reading some book too. My position was a little behind her, so that I could not have seen her face, let alone her eyes. But I could see her book well.

At some point, I just stopped reading and placed my finger below a line in the open page of the book she was reading. And asked her - "Are you reading this line, right now?".

I should say that she was taken totally aback by surprise or shock; because of my reading her intimate thoughts? or by my telling of something which is perhaps impossible even if I had seen her eyes.

I couldn't have seen her eyes, she was not moving her fingers along the lines of the book. And it was not the very first line of the page, just when she turned the page. I reached my results with observations and my logical deductions! ;)

I had expected an accuracy of plus or minus one line. But it was luck that made the result so stunning.

Well, even though her pride usually denies accepting such intuitions, yesterday she did question me until I gave up my observations and deductions - for which the response was in the lines of "Oh, it was just so simple, just elementary". :( :(

I explained the whole incident to another friend, who asked me "how". And after listening to "how", she too said - "Well, you knew her well. No big deal". (Too bad that she didn't tell it before knowing the "how" part). The moral is that never give out the tricks of the trade.

End of It.

The picture you saw above is one I took this very morning. All the patterns are self formed - beautiful they are, right? There are two more of similar pictures. I give them below.  [Click to see larger/clearer images]

Designed by nature Some other design

Could someone explain in detail about the designs and golden-ratio? Please do. Thanks in advance. If no one does, I shall have to do it myself.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: I am not being too pride of having done the reading the body-language thing. But it DID feel good!


9 December 2008

I'm glad to... [a unordered post]

Yes, I am glad to be back to blogosphere. After being away from Internet for a few weeks' time, it gives me pleasure to be blogging again.

After the longest vacation at home in the past few years, I am glad to be back to be in working condition. I am excited to see my friends again, to chat/speak with the ones who are not near me.

Just like almost always, I am filled with energy. And I have come back to the game again and I am going to play well - very well. :)

Have to pick up everything from where I dropped them. That is going to be fun. Loads of challenge and thrill and fun. And to make things terrific, I have already signed up for the tutorship of Xmas program in the international students centre.

Getting good friends after 25 was thought to be not so easy a thing. Many people have told me so too. But I should beg to differ. After having found some of the best souls in the planet in the past 24 months, I shouldn't agree with it anymore, right? There are some of our thoughts which make us happier, if proven wrong! :)

So once again, let me say - I am glad to be back - with full power in mind and half power in my right leg.

The chocolate seller friend of mine once told me - "your craziness is limitless". Perhaps it is true - for one of the most important things I am going to miss because of the broken leg is that I cannot jump three of four steps together - while climbing up/down the stairs; I cannot run around jumping. What a pity, right? And of all the things, this is what I am most upset about! I should prioritise things better.

- the rest of the post is optional -

Another glad thing is that I and my cousin just realised that we are indeed cousins. Here is the excerpt from our chat. She praised me [holmes-ish] for a wonderful deduction which I did during our highly philosophical discussions about boundaries of the world -- both physical and ideological boundaries. [gtalk]


She: kind of holmes-ish  [about me]

me: hey... :)
i have never had such a pleasure.... as i had now .. after seeing this holmes-ish...
:) :)
i am a 100% holmes fan

She: so am i!


.... long discussion about holmes ...


me: it is great to know that you are as crazy as I am... about holmes! :)
wonderful! :)

She: hmmm


me: i would buy that .. if you replace holmes with potter (harry)

She: don't say a word against Potter
i won't have it

me: i am a harry potter fan and it's totally okay with me if one avid reader hasn't read potter
[Now only I saw what her opinion about potter was. So, after reading what she wrote about Potter I wrote:]
you indeed ARE my own dear cousin! :)

She: ha...wow!
now we know for sure!!!

me: yes! we do! :)


I had thought that she was normal! ;) And what a way to prove cousin-ship!

Signing off, Sands.

PS: I do promise to write better posts in the near future. :)