18 May 2010

Rant + Something special… :)

It’s been quite some time since I came to blogosphere. I had a few good reasons for taking the break. To start with, I was quite busy. And I won’t bore you with the details of my busy-ness.

But before I get into the normal blogging, a little bit of rant. If you don’t want the RANT part, skip the next 4-5 paragraphs.

Why do some people want others to want something? Why are people supposed to do some things? Why does the society expect people to follow specific paths? Why don’t many people have the courage to stand up and say “I do this, for I want this”?

Now, I don’t have anything against parents. In fact, my parents have always given me enough freedom and whenever I thought I wasn’t given enough, I’ve simply taken it. (of course it has hurt them sometimes, but in the long run they’ve figured that my decisions have only made me (and in turn them) happy)

But, many parents create a restrictive atmosphere. And guess what? many a time, the reasoning is “what would others think?”. Who gives a damn about what others think? (As you can see, it’s the society which controls parents’ minds)

My dear fellows, when you want something in life and someone else says that you are not supposed to want it, but you are supposed to want something else, just know that there is NO SUPPOSED TO crap. Just stand up and claim what you want. Claim your freedom and personal space and independence. And feel good, in fact, great about it. [read PS]

After all, there are only two types of people – the ones who care about you and the ones who don’t. The ones who care about you will be happy when you do what you want and are happy. The others, they don’t care about you and why should you care about what they think?

It seriously hurts when people just don’t realise this and make their own lives miserable! :(

But as I always have said, there are so many GREAT people on this planet to compensate for the idiots who make life miserable for others (and themselves). And I am glad to have such friends to whom I can rant after I see/talk-to the aforementioned idiots.

Now, what kept me busy all this while? I won’t tell you about all those.

But I can definitely tell you what is keeping me busy NOW.


I bought a bike – a pretty good strong lovely one – Honda CBF 600 (S). It’s been named “Rudra” (the name is being disputed though).

(600 CC, 77 BHP, 4 cylinder engine. Max speed 220, I’ve clocked only up to 155)

And this bike is my response to my own old post “Green with envy”, which itself was a response to a post in Necker Cubicle. Many thanks to Daniela who is the motivation/inspiration and who is worried that my mom would hate her for  making me a biker! :P

And here is the stereotypical rider on his bike. (picture taken in front of the computer-science/mathematics department building)


Of course, I am extra careful about riding. As my professor said today - “he is an adventurous fellow”. While loving the adventure part, I know I shall not cross the line separating adventure and stupidity.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: There are people who stop your from what you want because they can see the risks involved. That is reasonable. But “what others think” is never a good enough reason.