21 February 2010

Valentines’ Day and the Girl@Disco

I may have written earlier that I don’t give much importance to days like ‘new year’ or “valentines’ day”. But that has never stopped me from taking part in celebrations.. or even making it an occasion to make someone feel special.

I pay attention to small details and I haven’t (yet) failed to make the special (ones) feel special.

But there is one person whom I should (and I do) consider most special: “myself”. (Call me a narcissist now)

As I do always, I treated myself with a book. Of course, wrapped in RED. :)

16022010198 16022010201

I haven’t started with the book yet (except for the two paragraphs in the first page). I am advised ordered (;)) to take the book seriously, read it thoroughly, without missing the hints, enjoying the characters developing etc. Looking forward to reading it (soon-ish).

The next day Jo, Lu, ‘she’ and I went to a party/disco. I took a break from dancing and stood next to the bar.

A girl approached me smilingly (of course, she wanted something). She asked me whether she can have a gulp of beer from my bottle. I smiled and gave her the nearly-empty bottle. When she returned it after taking a mouthful, I gestured it was for her and she looked surprised.

I asked her whether she wanted a beer (the only thing I ever said). She said she didn’t have money (why should she say that?). I bought a her one. She thanked me, hugged me and then I walked to my friends.

Was I being too nice? or too naive? Who cares… as long as I felt good about what I did?

Signing off, Sands.

PS: On a different note – my hair is getting compliments. The people who even ‘hate’ men having long hair seem to like me. Wonderful.

12 February 2010


For a change, I was in a not so great mood towards this evening. Some thing missing feeling.

Anyway, I came home and met my apartment mates and I don’t know how, I am back to good mood. Great.

They both (Johanna and Constantine) are asking me to share that thing which I am smoking… (they don’t believe it when I say I don’t :P )

There is something in the back of my mind - disturbing me … something lying deep down there. I know what it is.. but it needs to wait a bit before I get to the problem.

In any case, I’ll go cook some yummy food. And have a wonderful evening.

Signing off, Sands.

9 February 2010

Another unstructured post

After so many days, today my mind is slow. I very much needed this slowing down to be able to sit and work on some algos/proofs.

Don’t we sometimes have ideas which are slippery and too big? By the time we grasp and get a grip on one end of it, the other end slips away. When you are working with algorithms and abstract-data-types and face this issue, it’ll drive you nuts.

Übrigens, my dance lessons are going great. I have improved by leaps and bounds. I still cannot dance without counting – so much for the non-multi-processing, single-core processor brain. 

The moment I stop counting and start flirting talking with my partner, I make mistakes. At least, that leads to laughter. :)

In a few months I hope to become a pretty good salsa performer. Then comes Tango.

Hey, I bought a bicycle – an MTB. I don’t have any photos yet, but believe me – he’s beautiful. Silver, strong and well-groomed. After not biking for the past 16 months or so, I am loving the idea of biking. This time, I shall be a bit more careful and will buy a helmet before I start biking.

Did my Indian readers notice that many of the recent songs are multilingual? Kollywood is doing an excellent job there – Tam/Gult/Malayalam mix – pretty neat, I’d say.

There are two songs here which I am more or less addicted to (in the recent time). My favourite lines below (no translation can do enough justice). Don’t bother the video, the lyrics/text is what matters.

Thuli Mazhai

sel sel avalidam sel - endrey kaalgal solluthada
sol sol avalidam sol - endrey nenjam kolluthadaa
azhagai manathai parithu vittaley

(Uncontrollably in love – the lines portray it well… don’t they? Hats off to the lyricist)

Oru Punnagai

eppadi en manam ippadi aanadho
appadi ennathaan unnidam ulladho

(I like the idea of saying: she’s a simple normal girl, and I love her for what she is.
Instead the old idea of she’s this, she’s that and blah blah blah)

Of course, I know that the post is not very structured. But as I said in the beginning, I was having some thought-structuring issues with some graph-heap-list-sorting-recursion-idea-slip (not to mention n, k, log_n, log_log_n etc.).

The main reason for the post itself was taking a break from those variables. :)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: I also seem to be in love with this Cat-Stevens’-Song from Harold and Maude. One could listen to a KUTTY-song even though not soooooooo great.