24 May 2011

Censorship on Fences

Indian government doesn't want Indians to see/know the boundary between India and its neighbors as perceived by the world. Indian gov. either is sure that their view is the only right view or doesn’t want people to know others’ points of view. Sad.

The image is Economist's apology/note to Indian readers, for the censorship India enforces on its print edition. Funny right? "We think, our Indian readers can face political reality". 

For the real deal of the fence problems, go here. (I think Economist is a little partial towards India - perhaps the love of democracy and all are the reasons.)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: By the way, you'd see LOL and OMG in this blog now on as they're proper English words now. (yeah, as if my English is so proper).

12 May 2011

Here I am, Are you (still) here?

Well, a little post to prove to myself that I haven’t forgotten how to blog. With win-live-writer and all, it is quite easy to blog – all it takes is a single click to open it, then type in the matter and hit “publish”. Yeah, I still remember.

Karben in Spring__ 2011-04-10 001I am not giving any hollow promise that I will be regular here again (as if you guys are still hanging in here to read what I write). In any case, all I want to tell is that life is taking such turns which I thought it never would.

Anyway, I am off again. Before I go, I wish you a wonderful day and give you this little flower - (someone said: Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower) – you find the sunshine and freedom by yourself.

Signing off,