24 May 2006

Results of discontinuation of medication

Suffering from the usual post-lunch-syndrome, commonly known as "being sleepy". The medicine I usually take is going to the library, find out the silent corner and have a nap. Planning not to continue with that medication. Browsing or thinking something weird is better than sleeping in the library.

Browsing Results:
  1. Found out the details of expenses for the conference at Berlin. One week at Berlin at the end of July. I hope - the amount I asked would be sanctioned by GK (for my travel, accommodation and registration for the symposium)
  2. Downloaded Office 12 beta. Why should I? I had tried that already at Microsoft. "Sexy" software - I would say.
  3. Was shocked to know that they are taking away the admin privileges from developers (at Microsoft) - Am almost sure... It wont work. For eg., in MBOS (aka Dynamics), without admin how can one restart IIS? And with the servers I dont have any clue - how things would work without admin rights. Anyway their headache.

Thought Result: Decided to take up three small projects. All of them are of same category. The idea is to solve every question in the exercise of some books and definitely to publish them. Would be nice I suppose, also very helpful. Following are the books.

  1. The "C" programming language - K&R (am forgetting C)
  2. Introduction to Algorithms (aka CLR, Cormen, Rivest etc.)
  3. A book on algebra, mostly "Abstract Algebra" by Herstein

So, now I shall get back to work/reading. Wrote about these projects in public so that I have to save my face and hence I will really put efforts to do the ones I listed.

So that's it. So long...

- sands.

18 May 2006

Escape from a girl...!!

Just came in to my office. Am so tired and sweating.. [my baniyan sticks to my body. In some time it will start stinking too]. If I dont write right now, about my struggle to get away from her, I will never.

Wait... let me get a cup of coffee and come back.

Every morning 180 ml of mild coffee has become the starter of my work [do i work?] This is after the one big cup of tea I have from home/room. The coffee maker makes more noise than the amount of coffee it makes. I am not so happy with the black-coffee it makes. For my horror, here everyone drinks black coffee.

Back to the main story. This morning is pretty dull. The sun hasnt come yet, full clouds, it might rain at any time. I had started cycling so sleepishly. Even before comleting the first 5 minutes of my 50 minutes journey to the dept, I had had 3 red signals!! Okay.. that was the third one.. waiting for the green!!!

Here she comes, in another cycle, a bit smaller than mine. She has a small knapsack on her back. I just glanced at her without paying any attention, and turned back to the signal. Green came, I rushed. Now, for the coming 10kms, there is only one signal. I just overtook the short chinese guy who was expertising slow-cycling.

Hey, she just flew past me, and was going fast like a rocket. Then I glanced again, but now with paying enough attenction so that it could be even called staaring ;). she was kinda cool. Wearing very tight biking-dress which shows all the curves which were really of terrific proportion. Enjoyed for a second. But, that's not the point. I never wanted to be overtaken by anybody...[They who have travelled with me in my car(back home) know how i feel about that] That too by a girl!! [No hard/soft feelings towards girls... but a boy never wants to be next to a girl]. Started chasing her, with all my power. It took just a couple of seconds for me. I was ahead of her by about 10 metres.

I think, she too had the same feeling as mine. Every second I looked back to see her approaching me. And I was flying, to keep the distance. I cant lose. Near the bridge where I usually find it difficult to do the uphill, I flew my bike in 2 seconds... [It seemed she did in lesser time]. We had almost covered some 8-9 kms. I was still going in front... We were nearing the signal.. where we might have to stop. I knew, once I stop, getting back to the speed was next to impossible...

As if she read my thoughts, just 500 metres before the signal she took a deviation and went in a different route!! I was so happy and relieved. I suddenly slowed my bike and started riding peacefully. I just wished that she shouldnt suddenly come out of some pocket road and give me trouble again. When I looked at my watch, for my horror, we had come all the way [10 kms] in some 12-15 minutes. [Even though the rest 4 kms I took 20 minutes]

That's all for now. Had wanted to scribe something about Orkutting. Will do later.

- Sands.

10 May 2006

Thoughts and Plans... and a question at the end.

Am I a little bit slow? I have been given this book (Ideals, Varieties and Algorithms) almost 2-3 weeks back. Still I am at chapter 3 of it. It doesnt mean that I have done both the first and second chapters very well. Yes, I understood the concept of GBs. Still elimination theory is too tough. Okay this is the problem which upsets me right now. My basics in algebra is not so good.. I should improve it. I know, I havent touched the exercises given. Have to try and to them. Will take months to finish this single book. Anyway I am here to read and read and think and think and understand and finally create something new. Something great that it can change the lives of millions out there.

In the immediate future planning to do the following..
  1. Refresh my memory in all the comp-sci (important stuff => theoretical only)
  2. Read all the books of UTM. Atleast some 20 of them [UTM = Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics - A book series by Springer]
  3. Read a couple of books from GTM [GTM = Graduate Texts in Mathematics]
  4. Read 20-25 papers related to both GB applications and HECC
  5. Spend 3 days on GB/Algebra and 2 days on HECC in a 5 day week
  6. Read daily - some book from UTM/GTM.
  7. Publish a paper + attend a conference.
  8. Visit some 10+ places around Munich (3-4 hours distance)
  9. Visit 4-5 important places in Europe (Prague, Places in Italy and Swiss)
  10. Concentrate more on photography and painting (do i paint? )
  11. Read during weekends - novel/philo books (5-10) enlisted in blogs
  12. Try to recollect all those things to be appended to this list.
All these are for this year 2006. This really needs slogging... proper slogging...
I dont dare to write about the list of movies which I want to watch and I know I will watch "ATLEAST" two movies per week.

Do I have time for all these?
I have to make time for them... all of them...

Having free time is state of mind
- Prof M S Anand(IITM Diroctor)

today I cant read it anymore... it's not going to my head... let me read some other stuff.... which might be interesting.

By the way, something interesting for the readers.

You have 3 doors in front of you of which one hides a car (which you are dreaming for a long time), the other two hide a goat each.

one door - car
another - goat
the last - goat

okay.. now you can knock at any door and whatever is behind it is for you. :) now you go and knock at one door. Then, I open one of the other two doors and show you a goat. Now I ask if you would like to switch your choice to the unopened door which you didnt choose. (You goal is getting the car)

Will you switch? why?
Will you not switch? Why?

for the right answer, see the first comment. I just give the answer now.... reason I shall give later.

- sands

9 May 2006

My comment for his blog

Was reading his (vimal's) blog... gave a long comment.
while writing itself i thought that it could be an entry in my blog...
then decided not to...
now he also suggested that... so it goes below (verbatim)

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


kaashu venengi para... njan thalkkalam sahayikkam.. i have about 3k euros in my acc :)

pinne, credit card!! eda... enthengilum cheyyunnathinu mumpu swayam chodikkuka -

1) Anavashyamano?
2) Aaavashyamano?
3) Athyavashayamano?

use the card only if it is the third category. Always try to use liquid cash.. then you will experience your pocket becoming lighter.. and lighter. E-Cash gets spend easily because you experience the loss only after some days. Liquid cash is really fast... u experience it going from ur pocket.

so much for it.

about books... dont worry... i had the same habit while in M$. now i have just 4 books of which i havent read any... (those ones i listed in the blog)
but you definitely need to put a control after 8 weeks of continuos purchasing.. which i am sure you will... :)

now for the movies...
if you want the original CD/DVD collection... i am sorry...
you just want the movies... i have a couple of them ... GODFATHER- i have the collection - real one... bought for Rs. 750 @hyderabad.

next... about the entry on ppl who influenced you...
add me.. (whether i influenced you or not) ;)

- sands.

4:14 PM

CrimeMaster GOGO said...

Ninakku oru blog entry ezhuthamayirunille response aayittu :)

i am not giving the address of his blog... just to keep its divinity... (atleast i find it to be so) Forgive me..

- sands

Live Journal??

Why not move to livejounrnal?
The templates look really cool there...
here it it more funky freaky stuff.... there it is meant for reading and writing...
what say?

Basically i dont have time to migrate to there... also i dont know whether there is any bulk-import! (only they at CRM team can understand this - ha ha)

so you might see me at live journal at any time... though there is no guarantee for that..
- sands.

3 May 2006

Lack of energy

Tired... I feel tired.. not physically.. mentally. kind of exhausted. why? in no mood to read anything.. even if it is a novel. just want to go home and sleep. Slumber... is a short death... (Prof. Ramachandran, sem-5 economics told this). Yes, the same fellow who gave us the great idea of "Feelings are to be expressed... not to be suppressed".

Might be because I need to revamp myself. It was really tiring yesterday.. Yes, When you start coming to university in your bike(here cycle is called bike!! so what is bike called? - motor-bike) and if the university is some 14-15 kms away from your home and if you start improptu race with some strong guy with lot of stamina, you ought to be tired. And not sleeping enough!!! You almost spoiled one day of yours. (Am I finding out reasons for not understanding what is Dickson's Lemma?)

Let me go home soon. Tonight too is going to be bad.. Balaji has asked me to join him at his room... i think there is going to be some celebrations. Donno what it is going to be. Before going I have to have my dinner... As per my plan today I thought of making some prawn-special item. I have prawns at home :)

Keeping a journal now gives me a nice feeling. Still I am not able to write all my thoughts without hesitation. Yes that happens... If I am sure that what I feel is not going to make them happy .. I can avoid them knowing that. Still I am cruel... (???) Why cant I avoid such thoughts?? Then where is my existence? The problem starts from being illogical. The moment you start seeing things logical, things will be fine. Give priorities to things and sort them accordingly. Have all of them materialistically prioritized. (Ya, I know this is not 100% possible... so there are no absolutes? - ha ha ha). Then understand the following theory

Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Spoon boy: There is no spoon.
Neo: There is no spoon?
Spoon boy: Then you'll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

"It's not the spoon which is bending. It's you what is bending" - this was really a cool thing I learned from Matrix. And the best part is, I am able to put it into practice almost always. It's always the perception. For more details see "There is NO SPOON". The other day.. I was going to Alappuzha. The "amma" devotee shoby-chettan and I had a debate. It was nice to see him stopping the arguement, once I told - "Your mind is the MOST flexible thing you can ever find". This is the theory behind spoon and mind. (The readers are completely confused - I know)

Vimal... feels like talking to you. We need to get this google talk ready for our talks. These days I was more into dangerous things like Google-M$-OpenSource stuff. No way this helps us. More over... first time in my life I did that which I shouldnt have done - I was being emotional while arguing. For me, the "fundamental law of arguement" is to be non-emotional while arguing. Use ur brain all the time while arguing. I was being emotional abt M$. No!! I shouldnt have been doing that. The disadvantages of emotional arguements can be learned from EP (Temple-Belief-Business) and Karthik (Interstate children - Nanditha Das). I shall write the stories some day.

So, time to go home. Let me hurry....
By the way.... Now I know why I wasnt interested in anything... I had to talk.. I had to let all these thoughts flow out of me.. to keep me fresh. Bye for now.

- sands.

2 May 2006

Enthu paranjaalum nee entethallae vavae..

Enthu paranjalum nee entethallae vavae...
ninnu pinangathe onnu koode poru poovae...

it goes deep into your heart... and gives a soothing effect. I cant still say whether it is bcoz of ilayaraja or the lyrics. both are terrific - cant say which is dominant, one supports the other. and when the movie and the scenes come to your mind.. no wonder if you get tears... WONDERFUL. there is something not so nice too - why did sathyan get son instead of father for the song? I always go for kjy version, but this song i go for chithra (chinnakkili - after karthik told me abt chinnakkili, her name comes like that)

was looking for english books today. it's a long time since vimal gave a small list of books to read. so it was today i had planned for that. searched for english libraries and book-stalls. Hugendubel in Salvatorplatz is really expensive. I started with the details i got from www. the library was not so good. the second hand book shop was amazing. couldnt believe it. The person over there was so nice. Purchased four of them.

  1. Catch 22

  2. Sidhartha

  3. Kill a mocking bird

  4. The stranger (French -> English)

The weather is bad for the past two days. Today it is really bad. But somehow i like it. I used to tell my mom.... to be a prisoner of loneliness... solitude.. i sometimes love it. Back at nellayi.. i used to sit in the balcony, in an easy-chair... with a cup of tea and some books scattered around me... it will be raining.... i'll be shivering in the cold breeze.... being lazy to go and get a shirt to cover me.. Come on... I cant be home sick... but somehow this came to my mind. and i decided to have the same thing here for the coming 3 days... but.. there is no balcony... and in here in the breeze, i will freeze. there is no easy chair(could be adjusted with bed near the window). [update: tea can be replaced with wine ;) ]

change in stream of thoughts!! why nothing is happening these days? I am supposed to read theory. i am doing it.. still not to the level i and others expect from me. there is no time i really waste. sleeps for average 6-7 hrs only. but the productivity seems to be less. have to get back to the old tempo... and i myself know it will take a few days for it.

-- after the commercial (?) break!! --

Rene had come. He came back after his trip to Spain and Portugese 2 days back only. Has brought me a bottle of my favorite - port wine :) that too one litre. It's always nice talking to him. I shouldnt praise anyone more than this much in a public place.

things are working out - going to read so many books this year - both literature and technical. have to slog SLOG and SLOG. there will be quite a few trips, and just like we(Rene and I) decided, a couple of days dedicated for becoming wine experts. - to be able to say the brand and details just by taking a sip!!

too late.. should sleep.. good night.

[paadi... thodiyilaetho ponnanjilimel... - KJY - thakarkkunnu]