27 November 2011

Ok, Judge me now.

Most of us are uncomfortable when (it looks like) someone is judging us. Well, we use the term “judging” only when the evaluation is not the way we desire. But when it comes to others, most of us aren’t reluctant to judge (of course, when it is our “assessment”, it has to be good, right?)

On Thursday, we watched the latest installment of Twilight saga – “Breaking dawn – part 1”. I was not planning to, when I got out of office. But then she suddenly had the idea and we headed to the theater near home. (And watched it in German)

It easily qualifies for a spot in the bottom ten movies of all times. Still it was good that we went, for, she was extremely happy that we went for the movie.

So, there you have it – a good reason to judge me. If that’s not enough, I can also tell you that I’ve read the whole saga – I wanted to know what the fuss was about and failed to find the cause for the fuss.

Signing off,

23 November 2011

This shall not be the case

Not being regular, here on the blogosphere, is not the way to go. I should get back to writing. And I think, yes, I will.

For a long time I wasn’t sure why I am not writing. Two major things coincided with the downfall of the frequency of posting and like any other idiot, I assumed that one of those was the reason for my lack of writing. (I know, correlation doesn’t equate to causation)

Apparently, it appears now,  something else, of which I was oblivious, was (and is) the real reason.

The situation would not change for at least 6 more months. But I have already taken long breaks and I should get back to writing.

Here is my attempt to break the long break. More will continue…. soon.

Signing off,

8 August 2011

Heidelberg (rain (motor (bike))) trip.

“This year we didn’t have a summer; Next year we may have one” – forecasted my colleague this morning.

So very true – the summer didn’t have any sun. There was a day in July when I had to turn the radiator (room heater) on.

After the frustrating rainy months, we decided to make a trip to random places. Incidentally, I came to know at that time that an acquaintance lives in Heidelberg (just 110km away from home).

Saturday – about noon – we started. The forecast did say about overcast and showers. Well, as  long as it is typical German showers (drizzling) we don’t care. The plan was to go straight to Wiesbaden and then ride by the side of Neckar river  through Mainz – Oppenheim – Worms – Mannheim and reach Heidelberg.

Time (and we) flew till Nackenheim – where we decided to take a little detour to a mountain-top church.

But before reaching the church, we stopped by the side of the vineyards. From the roadside, the vineyard(s) stretched till the horizon.

The grapes were tender. But that didn’t stop us from having some though (sour grapes). Making photos weren’t a part of our plan – just ride and ride and ride. So, all we had was the iPhone and she did take some pictures anyway.

Note: A curious thing – in that region, almost every village has the name ending in “heim”.

So, here I stand by the side of Rudra – that’s how the bike is called.

(I am not supposed to publish any ‘long haired’ pics. But I am going for a haircut in 2 days, so I hope to use that as an excuse for putting this online.)

It was then it started to pour – almost like never before in Germany. We simply got drenched. We cancelled our ‘food plans’ @ “Worms” – cool name for a city, eh? Went straight to Heidelberg.

The rain came again – with all its might – during our way back home. It was foggy all around (and great sound effects from lightning/thunders). It took almost double the time to reach home. After the rain, I was starting to worry that she might fall off the bike of some hypothermia or so.

Needless to say, I was extremely cautious, we reached home all safe and decided: “Never are we getting back so late. If we are on bike, be home before it is dark”. The experience really did scare us (and prolly taught a good lesson too). :)

I’ll be flying to India by the end of this month. So, for another bike trip, we’ll have to wait till the end of September – when I am back gain. Hopefully, we’ll have some good weather then.

Signing off,

1 July 2011


Life is really nice. There are, now and then, small tensions of life. But really smooth life is. For some time now, I had totally cut back on social gatherings and stuff.

I am totally back to watching documentaries - just finished Secrets of Super Brands  - really nice set. Reading books has taken backseat for now, but I read more magazines.

BTW, The reason I came over here now is to share two little links. I found them both during my morning reading. Here they are..

a) Incent - a back formation
b) Half closed or half open? (you'd have to recollect your math-notation-skills for this)

And now, I am gone after wishing y’all a LOVELY day and a wonderful weekend.

Signing off, Sands.

14 June 2011

I am ashamed! :P

The day, today, has been so far (it’s not even 8:30 in the morning) really eventful.

I was up at 5:20 to take and see off MG to/at the railway station. On the way back, while speaking to mom, I heard about some unpleasant news.

Then when I reached home I was stinking – for I had cooked+had Asparagus last evening (asparagus and Holland sauce – wow it was, but the stink next day is intolerable).

And after a real detailed shower I headed to office.

Before I proceed, some info: Last Monday when I took my cycle, it had flat tyre. Not a very bad one – if I pump it full, the pressure stays easily for half an hour or so.

I have all the necessary things to fix it, but I didn’t. There is even a cycle repair shop at two minutes distance from office. I didn’t take it there.

My solution was to carry around a pump. The pump became – more or less – a part of my cycle itself. (Have I told you that I never lock my bike? so, if someone wanted to steal it, now is the time, they get the bike and the pump – the full deal).

So, today, when I reached work, Mr. MusclyCalf (he plays football a lot) came to my office and offered me this. (Yes a tool kit to fix the flat tyre).


And said, “I’d been seeing you do this pumping business every afternoon when you go for lunch and in the evening when you go home. You could use this to fix the flat tyre”.

I felt a bit ashamed. At the same time I was quite happy too, for we have a quite family like atmosphere at the office! :)

And I guess, this means that I come of as a person who doesn’t take things offensive. (or an idiot). I believe it is the former! :P

Signing off, Sands.

24 May 2011

Censorship on Fences

Indian government doesn't want Indians to see/know the boundary between India and its neighbors as perceived by the world. Indian gov. either is sure that their view is the only right view or doesn’t want people to know others’ points of view. Sad.

The image is Economist's apology/note to Indian readers, for the censorship India enforces on its print edition. Funny right? "We think, our Indian readers can face political reality". 

For the real deal of the fence problems, go here. (I think Economist is a little partial towards India - perhaps the love of democracy and all are the reasons.)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: By the way, you'd see LOL and OMG in this blog now on as they're proper English words now. (yeah, as if my English is so proper).

12 May 2011

Here I am, Are you (still) here?

Well, a little post to prove to myself that I haven’t forgotten how to blog. With win-live-writer and all, it is quite easy to blog – all it takes is a single click to open it, then type in the matter and hit “publish”. Yeah, I still remember.

Karben in Spring__ 2011-04-10 001I am not giving any hollow promise that I will be regular here again (as if you guys are still hanging in here to read what I write). In any case, all I want to tell is that life is taking such turns which I thought it never would.

Anyway, I am off again. Before I go, I wish you a wonderful day and give you this little flower - (someone said: Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower) – you find the sunshine and freedom by yourself.

Signing off,

6 February 2011

Time for me

I generally have a mental block to say that I am tired. I like to be energetic all the time and almost always I am energetic too.

But last week, at work, I felt kind of exhausted. The work is really enjoyable and I put in my 100%, and towards the end of day Thursday, I felt like I was burning myself out. Then for some reasons, I didn’t have enough sleep of that night and Friday, afternoon, I felt really burned out.

So, I spent the two days of weekend to rejuvenate myself.

IMG_0317  IMG_0308

The weather being good, I went out on a very small/short bike trip… by the side of the river flowing near my home.


IMG_0313  IMG_0314

Sunflower looks like this in winter! :)


IMG_0324  IMG_0326

I was not the only person who enjoyed the weather..


IMG_0319  IMG_0320

On the way, there was a stable! (with three horses)


Now I am all set for the coming week – during which I know, I have to finish loads of work.

Taking the weekend for relaxing, leaves me with so many unread RSS feeds, non-replied emails and unfinished “letters” and other business – all of which I hope to catch up (and finish) in the coming days.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead..

Signing off, Sands.

1 February 2011

Go with the winner?

I read the following in “The Hindu

It is obviously in our interest to be on the right side of the new forces that will emerge to prominence in Egypt. They will remember who supported them in their hour of history and who sat on the fence.

I am not a diplomat, I don’t know a lot of such things, but with a little bit common-sense (which I think I do have), I think that the author would be on the side of a rapist if the victim doesn’t have a way to get the justice (or in other words, the rapist is in power!).

Well, this issue need not be like an assault on a person. But then, I would think we could refrain from being involved rather than being just opportunistic. (Should India support a military coup against a democracy if the military side is going to get the power?)

I don’t think that a newspaper shall promote any article like that. Sure, the rest of the article might say something totally different. But.. honestly, I didn’t read it with much care, after seeing the above.

In case you want to read the opportunist article, go here.


PS: In this specific case, people seem to be right and they also seem to be having a better future. But the latter shall not be the reason to support them.

16 January 2011

Live life… King Size

Life is beautiful… It’s been a long time since I sat back in my relaxing-chair and said this. But now, I am actually sitting back in my ‘relaxing chair’ and relaxing to the core.

I guess, I could enjoy a real good massage though… my muscles all could enjoy some stress-relief. Well, that’s now a little too much to ask.. and a little less probable to come-by.

Life’s been good. The “thaaLam” (rhythm is the equivalent word in English, but not quite right) is restored. Now, I am living life… yeah, KING SIZE. Just for one and only one person me, why do I need so much of luxury? I don’t know, but it is good to be so. Perhaps, all I miss in my little home is a small fire-place – you know? – just to complete the picture.

So, after spending a little fortune, I set up a new home. All I need now are some guests. Or may be some girls whom I could bring to show-off! :P

Living Room

Having a nice respectable place for books, was a must. Initially I was satisfied with some “billy-look-alikes”. But how can that be good enough?

So, another trip to IKEA helped me get these nice two Expedits.



Dining Table

As you can see, there are still some books near the dining table, in the old shelf, looking for better place.

Well, again, it is more or less a dead investment to have a glass-top dining table, when I prefer sitting in the couch and eating while watching something.

Still, you know? No compromises..!

My Place

Hmm… pretty much the most happening place in the apartment. Reading or talking or watching something happens always on this couch. Why not, dinner too.

I’ve always wanted to just put some wonderful books on the couch-table for the visitors to read … not exactly to read, but to turn pages and have some factoids. And here I have nothing less than “Information is beautiful” – a wonderful (beautiful) book, full of factoids.

My Study

Now, a little place for the serious me.

It’s been quite some time I had normal “snail mail” correspondence, which I MISS. Hmm, it is mostly computers there, but they are not the priority stuff, but the pens and ink are.

A lot of papers from the past 3 months (letters/notices/last-warnings to send something) are all lying nearby, needing attention – which they all will receive from me, soon-ish.

And here, finally I introduce the latest addition to my living room which makes it a small home-theater.

Projected ImageProjector

Yes, one little projector. I sit in the couch and watch documentaries or films or anything of my choice. It’s a bliss!

Now, some of the things here just don’t sound like me at all. I always want to have posh settings, but you all know that I get bored quite easily. Investing so much time, money and effort in an apartment isn’t like me. What is the point doing all this, if I would get bored with the apartment soon?

Well, the answer is there in one of my older posts. For the new-comers: wait and see.

Signing off, Sands.