16 January 2011

Live life… King Size

Life is beautiful… It’s been a long time since I sat back in my relaxing-chair and said this. But now, I am actually sitting back in my ‘relaxing chair’ and relaxing to the core.

I guess, I could enjoy a real good massage though… my muscles all could enjoy some stress-relief. Well, that’s now a little too much to ask.. and a little less probable to come-by.

Life’s been good. The “thaaLam” (rhythm is the equivalent word in English, but not quite right) is restored. Now, I am living life… yeah, KING SIZE. Just for one and only one person me, why do I need so much of luxury? I don’t know, but it is good to be so. Perhaps, all I miss in my little home is a small fire-place – you know? – just to complete the picture.

So, after spending a little fortune, I set up a new home. All I need now are some guests. Or may be some girls whom I could bring to show-off! :P

Living Room

Having a nice respectable place for books, was a must. Initially I was satisfied with some “billy-look-alikes”. But how can that be good enough?

So, another trip to IKEA helped me get these nice two Expedits.



Dining Table

As you can see, there are still some books near the dining table, in the old shelf, looking for better place.

Well, again, it is more or less a dead investment to have a glass-top dining table, when I prefer sitting in the couch and eating while watching something.

Still, you know? No compromises..!

My Place

Hmm… pretty much the most happening place in the apartment. Reading or talking or watching something happens always on this couch. Why not, dinner too.

I’ve always wanted to just put some wonderful books on the couch-table for the visitors to read … not exactly to read, but to turn pages and have some factoids. And here I have nothing less than “Information is beautiful” – a wonderful (beautiful) book, full of factoids.

My Study

Now, a little place for the serious me.

It’s been quite some time I had normal “snail mail” correspondence, which I MISS. Hmm, it is mostly computers there, but they are not the priority stuff, but the pens and ink are.

A lot of papers from the past 3 months (letters/notices/last-warnings to send something) are all lying nearby, needing attention – which they all will receive from me, soon-ish.

And here, finally I introduce the latest addition to my living room which makes it a small home-theater.

Projected ImageProjector

Yes, one little projector. I sit in the couch and watch documentaries or films or anything of my choice. It’s a bliss!

Now, some of the things here just don’t sound like me at all. I always want to have posh settings, but you all know that I get bored quite easily. Investing so much time, money and effort in an apartment isn’t like me. What is the point doing all this, if I would get bored with the apartment soon?

Well, the answer is there in one of my older posts. For the new-comers: wait and see.

Signing off, Sands.