26 June 2006

Update, Complaint and Appreciation

Chicken pox is over. I must have been very lucky to be back to normal in just a week's time. Till Tuesday evening there were new blisters coming. Then they started drying up. Now there are no active blisters. All of them are dried and even the marks will be gone in a couple of days. It feels very good to be recovered in a small time from a major disease. I proudly said to myself that my body faught very well :) [dont ask then How I got this illness first of all!!]

From today onwards I am back to office. (Not in bike, I use UBahn for this week)

As mentioned, I went to office today. I am using version of thunderbird and version of firefox. Today morning I reached office at 9:15. Before it turned 9:50, both of these nice software crashed once each. There is nothing which bugs you up more than these kind of stuff. I was writing a mail which I lost a major portion because of the crash. In Firefox, I had some 7-8 tabs open which were important to me and I lost them all and had to get them again. I got pissed off - but was helpless. I was seriously thinking of getting back to MUTT - which I used to say "GODS OWN MAIL CLIENT".

And every crash of the applications I use, makes me like Ragesh Agrawal more and also makes me realize the importance of the work he did. He was the person who tested my code and used to file bugs (I don't want to give the number here). But that is what made the solution go like hot-cake.

I am not promoting M$ products. But if they are dominating the world, the reason is simple - M$ products works. I am using IE7-Beta for the past few months. I cannot recollect it crashing. For the past few days I am trying out Office-12 beta 2. Man, in simply rocks! There is nothing to compare to it. It was in the old days M$ products used to crash and hang so much. Now they are far better. The daily use software XP, Office, IE these are the main things I use - they tend to work quite well.

Just went to the apple site today, and was surprised to see the following there. The reason for loving a Mac-laptop should be WINDOWS? See the underlined thing in the picture. I found it funny anyway. Those who have QuickTime and good bandwidth can go to apple home page and see the ads. They are really very nice and makes fun of M$ well.

One more update: I got my iPod-Gen-5-Black-30GB on last Friday. Today I took it with me. The first impression says that I am going to fall in love with it. I have a small doubt about the life of the battery though.

Wanted to make the blog a small one and it went too long. Signing off.


20 June 2006

The way to chicken pox.

I started having fever and these blisters on my body from last thursday onwards. It was on saturday it was confirmed to be chicken pox. Even though I went to the hospital on thursday night itself, they couldnt diagnose this disease.

They took my temperature, blood pressure. They even did and ECG on me. (I'll put the photos later). Almost 6 syringe blood they took for testing. Still they couldnt see this disease!! idiots.

Anyway after I knew I am having chicken pox, I am staying all day at home. These blisters are a little irritating. I have a decent throat pain and I feel very tired all the time.

Watched a couple of movies, started reading sidhartha. Have lot of plans but these tired feeling.. makes me a man of non-enthu!!

Enough of complains and bad things. Will try to write nice things in next post.

Yes... forgot one thing. How it feels when you get help from a very unexpected source? It happened to me. How it feels when you get looooooooooot more care than you expected from someone? This also happened to me and still happening.

An abrupt stop.
- Sands.

13 June 2006

A Fall (athava oru veezhcha)

This post was intended to be the details of Brussel's trip. But who knew I will fall from the bike today morning?

Thought - would be nice to record it here. I was coming from home today morning. The weather was nice, there was a nice breeze and lot of flowers on the way. I was thinking about life being so good. Coming to college itself is like an excursion. I like being at college also. I was pedalling quite fast. There was about some 500 metres more to the department. Had to take a turn (the angle made my the turn was about 110-120 degrees). I hadnt noticed the gravel there before, and hence I didnt reduce the speed much.

Just started to turn, I was at some 25km/hr speed, I knew I am falling and also that nothing could be done :) Anyway I didnt have to think much - everything happened very fast. Fell in the usual way one falls from bike [ actually just before touching the ground, you jump away :) ]. On my right palm, I have some skin gone - a small circle of half a centimetre radius, the skin was hanging when I got up from ground and I just removed it. There are some small small dots of skinless parts too on the right palm. Similarly a little skin from left palm also - oops! I couldnt remove it because it was already gone :)

Then was the fun.. My jeans which was a crodroy model had got very nice holes at the left knee. I could see the holes and feel the pain at my knee. I raised the jeans and saw a very nice wound there. Some skin was gone and there were two long cuts by some sharp edge (should have been the stones).

Luckily, the bike was fine except for the chain got displaced. (Bike is not actually mine). I just took a small stick and repaired the chain (the first stick i took had a couple of thorns of which hurt me and I went for another good stick). Again cycled to the department. Once I reached, cleaned the wounds, they were bleeding slightly, folded the jean till above my knee. Then I took a coffee with no sugar - you know why. And started with my days work.

So that's it.
- Sands

FootNote 1: Yesterday I got the odometer for the bike. So, I can see the speed at which I am pedalling. I had been to a speed of 45.8 km/hr yesterday. So this is how I knew the speed was 25km/hr when I was falling.

FootNote 2: I donno whether there is any "communist pacha" here to apply on the wounds. Will be good if I can get any.

12 June 2006

Whose Fault? Ofcourse Mine..!!

Circumstances made me publish the post HERE. With the same title.

- Sands.

2 June 2006

Long time no see

It's been a long time since I had been here for the last time. And now I have just 28 minutes for what I want to write.

Why many people (includes me) are not able to be really systematic? How many of you dont look into any extra-curricular things during your working hours? Forget the postponable but important mails you send during office hours. Other than that, we tend to do many other useless things so that to make our time useless.

-- this part was removed after second thought -- REASON -> M$ neednt come in all my posts - it becomes boring. --

(There is a small group of my bachelor classmates - we ourselves call proudly "THE BVB GANG") The members of gang might remember that a couple of months ago I had raised this question of being efficient at office. I am trying from such a long time to correct myself in this wastage of office hours. I havent seen any success yet!! :(

Anyway.. this topic now comes as a result of my last night conversation with balaji and my today's work (almost nothing i did except for the discussion with peter). Feeling so damn lazy. Was browsing for sometime, was doing mostly useless thing. I am not feeling well - "something missing in my heart" kind of feeling. May be it's because of the slight headache. Or its because of the depression caused by not seeing the sun for almost a week.

I am thinking whether to write about the decision I made to be like my colleagues.
At office, they just do the real work. And the whole of the evening is free for anything they want. I should try that. I dont have any clue about being successful about it. (Did you notice? - I wrote what I was confused to write or not)

So much for it.

- Took my swimming hall card yesterday. Will be starting swimming... either today or tomorrow.
- They took away my insurance, since I havent given the student ID card.
- Will get out of office in another 10 minutes.

Some people are quite creative in blogging, my blogging almost sucks. I know why. Because.. those blogs they do a reading after they write .. then do a re-reading and an editing .. and beautification process. And at the end it is really polished. Being a man with no such patience and not desperate to see my readers say WOW about my blog, I dont do that. That's it.

So much for this also.

It's again a loooooong time since I heard from Karthik and Vimal. If possible, should talk to them over weekend. All my enthu has gone .. .after I went to the weather forecast page!!

Tail Piece: All the thoughts are completely juggled up in my mind and came out with no order. Please forgive me.

- Sands.