14 June 2011

I am ashamed! :P

The day, today, has been so far (it’s not even 8:30 in the morning) really eventful.

I was up at 5:20 to take and see off MG to/at the railway station. On the way back, while speaking to mom, I heard about some unpleasant news.

Then when I reached home I was stinking – for I had cooked+had Asparagus last evening (asparagus and Holland sauce – wow it was, but the stink next day is intolerable).

And after a real detailed shower I headed to office.

Before I proceed, some info: Last Monday when I took my cycle, it had flat tyre. Not a very bad one – if I pump it full, the pressure stays easily for half an hour or so.

I have all the necessary things to fix it, but I didn’t. There is even a cycle repair shop at two minutes distance from office. I didn’t take it there.

My solution was to carry around a pump. The pump became – more or less – a part of my cycle itself. (Have I told you that I never lock my bike? so, if someone wanted to steal it, now is the time, they get the bike and the pump – the full deal).

So, today, when I reached work, Mr. MusclyCalf (he plays football a lot) came to my office and offered me this. (Yes a tool kit to fix the flat tyre).


And said, “I’d been seeing you do this pumping business every afternoon when you go for lunch and in the evening when you go home. You could use this to fix the flat tyre”.

I felt a bit ashamed. At the same time I was quite happy too, for we have a quite family like atmosphere at the office! :)

And I guess, this means that I come of as a person who doesn’t take things offensive. (or an idiot). I believe it is the former! :P

Signing off, Sands.