26 June 2008

The Manipulator - a quick entry

Four years back, I was alleged to be a manipulator. Well, it's kind of true - as I am good at manipulating, brain washing, giving convincing arguments - to get anyone to my side.

I always have believed that one has to have a bit of all those qualities(?), but should never get caught using them. That is the real success. His actions should look normal/natural.

For the same reason, when I was caught, I wasn't very happy about it. The person who did that was the smartest-girl whom I have ever met in my life, a born manipulator, diplomat. And I could see through her mask. So, we were of the same creed - and that was the relief.

Some time later, I ceased to be one. And started to be a raw man - thinking that the whole world is good.

Now, I am back to the old one. Situations forced me to. And I did good too. Writing this much is beyond the limits, let alone giving more details.

Again, the coincidence is that, when I had to be one again, I was meeting her after a long time. (Was it a meeting of manipulators?)

On a different note: A friend of mine is getting married today. It's a European marriage, a little complicated one too, and there aren't anyone around her. I am her ONLY friend in the city. What shall I get her? 

Signing off, Sands.

PS: I am accused of writing too frequent posts, too much of blogging... If it were anyone else, I would have said what I should say. But this person happens to be special!

23 June 2008

Aiyooo Aiyyaayyoooo...!

George appointed a new assistant for him.. a cute(?) girl.

He doesn't need Gregory anymore... what a pity!

In the beginning, I never used to like Gregory.. but like Rinsy, I too like him now. Ok, poor guy, let's hope that things will turn good for him.

Well.. I've written about some characters in the Malayalam soap-(comedy)-serial Akkarakkazhchakal. One of the rare serials which is still good after 20 episodes.

There are not many around me with whom I could sit and watch this serial. If you have time, why don't you watch it too. {Pre-requisite: Decent Malayalamkenntnisse ;) }

I am not a TV person, but since this is only 10 mins/week and since it is really good and also since I can watch it any time I want, I keep watching it.

More later, Sands.

18 June 2008

Tribute to (another) her and Part TWO

I should be writing this in my German blog. But this is the blog with more readers and English is still easier than German. :)

I finished 8 levels of German lessons. Tomorrow is the last class. Now,

  • I am able to do some small decent conversations in German.
  • I can read and understand average level text.
  • I am good enough to give my conversation-partner a chance to choose English or German.
  • I can respond to people - when they start speaking with me in German - without being perplexed.
  • More than my language skills, my confidence to speak in German has grown up - in better words, I am no more hesitant/reluctant.

All these 8 levels were with the same teacher - Daniela. Perhaps the best teacher I've ever had in my life. Through these 20 months of classes, our relationship has grown more than student-teacher one. We are good friends now.

Almost all of my life here in Munich, she has known me and I met her during her first month of stay in Munich.

Whatever little bit of German I know, is because of her - all the credit goes to her. Hats off to her, Thanks to her. With this entry I want to show at least a small fraction of the unbounded gratitude I have.

Well, I am not sure, whether I'll be doing another course. I had wanted to do one more - to put a polish on top. But I haven't made up my mind yet. If the decision is "NO", then tomorrow will be the end of my German language studies. Else, it will be after 6 weeks from now.

Well, I cannot avoid writing about Ewelina too. For the past few months, she is my conversation-partner. She too is definitely more than a classmate. A very nice girl on whom I started to develop a crush and later I crushed the crush - for various reasons.

Part Two - Coincidences

Do I believe in miracles/coincidences? Honestly - NO. But how do I explain when highly improbable things just happen?

The latest example would be this: The moment I was about to write about Ewelina, she rang me up. It's not a very frequent thing I write about her, nor she rings me up. But it happened.

Another example: For months together I might not have any contacts with Dinil; I might not even think about him. But on a fine day I think about him and within 24 hours I get a call/email from him. This is really unbelievable - but this has happened many times. I have even told some other friend of mine - about this.

Yet another example: Last weekend, I watched "Dasavatharam" and I told my friend a quote by someone - "A designer knows he has arrived at perfection not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away" - which was of course to criticize the film.

Later when I looked up who had said that, I saw, it was by "Antoine de Saint Exupéry" - whose book I had read just 3 days earlier. It is again a rare event that I read a french book (in English though) and it was the first time I quoted that thing and both are from the same fellow!!!!!!I @ Neuschwanstein

Boy!!! Are coincidences that common place? These along with my lately-developed-mind-reading skills are stunning me!

Got to leave, Signing off, Sands.

PS1: The movie was ultra-mega-bad. At least 5 characters could have been avoided - re-read the quote.

PS2: No proof reading as an urgent call came. Please bear with me for the mistakes.

PS3: Picture - I @ Neuschwanstein.

PS4: Conversation-partner is a single word in German and I can't find a good equivalent in English. (Influence! Sigh!)

17 June 2008

The Third Category ;)

Oh nothing much to say .. other than I am changing the color back to a light one. Tell me, how does the new one look.

Moroccan girls are awesome. Damn beautiful.... I always used to tell that there are only two types of girls - Good and Very Good. Now I know that there is a class above these - Moroccan girls. (Well, I know, girls from middle east too are good. eg. Lebanon. Yeah, girls from Latin America are too too good ;) )

So, I may still want to stick to the earlier definition. But, lately it's Moroccan girls, with whom I am interacting. About 6-8 of them. WOW!!!! :)

Want to write a lot more about them and my crush on three of them at the same time. During a truth-or-dare session, they simply tore me off too. I did spend two long days with them and there is lot to explain. But my image in the blog and lack of time are keeping me from writing. :)

A very busy week. Will write later.

Signing off, Sands.


9 June 2008





Hereby I want to express my:

  • Support to fellow malayali bloggers who are creating a black week in the blog-world.
  • Protest against the above mentioned website, who initially did plagiarism, then tried to justify it, then tried to threaten the ones who questioned their act - and even went to a level of cyberstalking and even spoofing emails.

More details:

Some other blogs who joined this protest:

1.Raj Neetiyath
2.One Swallow
23.Sebin Jacob
30. Sapthavarnangal
38.G. Manu
41.Tharavadi & Valyammayi
48.Anony Antony
49.Prasanth Kalathil
55.Latheesh Mohan

Signing off, Sands.

Courtesy: Umesh for the list, links and the trigger.

The local packet-station

At 7:30, I heard the bell ringing. I was in the shower and was sure that the REDGIRL would be sleeping. I wrapped the towel around and opened the door. No one was there. Then I realized that the bell was from ground-floor and I knew who it would be. I pressed the button and he replied - "POST". Just as I had expected.

Isn't 7:30 in the morning a little too early for post? Well, he came up and delivered my packet and then two more packets - for some other guys in the same building. Then he would go and put a notice in their pigeon-holes that their packets are with me, so that they can collect from me.

This happens a few times every week. Even when there are no packets for us, he comes and delivers packets for others. This German DHL guy even knows my name and how to spell it - he has to get my signature for confirmation of delivery and he writes my name every time.

Note: It's not an easy thing to remember my surname which is full of "A", "D" and "N" - without making mistakes (Even Indians make a mess out of "SADANANDAN"). Yeah, practice makes man perfect. :)


We have a designated place for those packets - which is our local DHL-packet-station. Well, I wanted to take a picture of this place and figured that it might be interesting to show the surroundings too - full of footwear.

Most of the footwear belong to my app-mate. A pair of roller-skates belong to me.

I was wondering, why would this selected person be me? But today I figured it out! Perhaps ours is the one of the few apartments where someone is awake when he comes to deliver the packets. Most of our neighbors wake up at 10-11, even my app-mate. :)

Time to go to Uni. Signing off, Sands.


1 June 2008

Energy... Raw Energy...

Perhaps for the first time here, I don't know how to explain my feelings/thoughts. What I want to write is about Tamil and Tamilians. I don't know many Tamilians nor do I have expertise in Tamil. But I can very well say that they have lot of raw energy. Their emotions are neither smooth nor modulated as that of malayali's (or anyone's for that matter). Their emotions go really high - both good and bad emotions. When they love, they just love without thinking. When they hate, they simply hate to the core - without forgiving. tamilthatthuvamwl0

How do I explain raw energy better than this? I just don't know. The example which I could give will be a negative one. If you compare the way people play/enjoy in the beaches of Kerala and TamilNadu, you'd find that the Tamil children's games are of a little extreme nature compared to Kerala kids'. This is the first thing which I noticed in Chennai beaches. It's like, they go to the extremes of everything.

Well, I could be giving a message like Tamilians are bad. NO NO NO - I love the way they are. I just love they way they are. One best example I love would be Friendship - just raw friendship - without thinking anything but the love for your friend. This could be rare in many places on earth, not in TN. There are no boundaries to feelings.

All the same, mallu's are totally different. They mostly make sure of being on the safe side of everything. Or rather not being in extremes of anything. Be mediocre - in everything. Sorry guys, I am doing a bad job here. Not doing enough justice to what I think.

Why would Tamilians be different? I don't have any clue. But the only comparable thing is their own language. It's beautiful. I haven't read even a single paragraph of Tamil literature. My only source of Tamil are films and songs. But I'd say that they themselves are enough to show the beauty of the language. Emotions can be portrayed easily; very easily. I shouldn't write more about this. You readers could just go and listen to the songs from (say Youtube/Raaga/MIO etc).

I have always loved them and their language. Now, I too am going to extremes ;) . This post is dedicated to the one who acted as cupid.

Signing off, Sands.


  1. I feel bad that I did a bad job with this entry. Now, mallu's might come arguing. No dudes, I love the way we are too. And I think, our way is the practical and intelligent way. ;)
  2. I have a new Tamil-friend who is a poet. I loved both the poems he recited.
  3. Have been thinking about writing this since long ago. Didn't know how to..! :(
  4. Watch some Tamil movies (Genre: especially Romance, Revenge) and tell me your opinion. Listen to Tamil songs of any genre and tell me about them too.