27 February 2008

My moves; and the wildest of all guesses!

Spring is hereIt's a bit difficult to show my moves, as there were many moves and all were in the past. There is this 10th and last move - now, tomorrow, this week. I am moving again...

In the past 5 years, I have relocated 10 times! Can anyone believe it?  And lived in 3 cities.

There is not a single place where I stayed for at least one year. I have completed 362 days here in this room - but I will not be completing a year. I move tomorrow.

Once I decide to move, I want it as quick and fast as I can.

Oh, the wildest guess thing. There happened something un-believable. I took a wild guess and it turned out to be right.

There is a chat-in program of radio-dum-dum and I was surprised that I found out the very person whom I wanted to know - I had told my mom and sister that it wouldn't be difficult to this very person.

I would put the probability definitely below 0.01 -- yeah less than one in hundred.

And I am really glad about it too. :) I am sorry, that I can't give the details. That person wouldn't want that.

Topic Change: Spring, the best season of the year, is here and I am practically euphoric. [the picture was taken by me during spring 2005]

My Prawn-biriyani is waiting for me. Yes, I made it. Let me go have it. [mouth is watering :)]

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Ammae, Priyakkutti.., you know now - the world is indeed a small village. You easily meet people whenever you want. Or is this what some-people call "daiva-niyogam"? [enikkangane parayanavillenkilum :) ]

PS2: Song of the moment - Raakendu Kiranangal ....nidraviheenangalallo.. avalude ravukal.


22 February 2008

Jump into a lake

I was considering jumping-into-a-lake seriously, but now I know that it was a good decision - to not do it! Otherwise I would have missed the clash of the worlds. I searched for

Osman - The young Turkish politics student, my neighbor - a hardcore believer of Socialism.

Thomas - The young Italian engineering student, my neighbor - a decent believer (of ... yeah, God!)

I, Sandeep - A selfish atheist.

Richard Dawkins, Plato, Darwin, Aristotle, Ayn Rand. etc. all of them played their role in the clash of the worlds. It was wonderful! :). And as usual, the discussion reached no where - except for a list of recommended books for both sides!

It's too bad that I am moving out in a week's time.

I've been thinking about writing on these lines of atheism and selfishness - of course yes, I am reading books of Dawkins. The style in which he writes itself is good enough to read and on top of that, oh boy! he makes you think.

I'll write, sometime.
Now, I got to leave, Sands.

PS: There are two lovely (Indian) friends of mine here in Munich - who are really really really very good at eating my head! I am always good to them, so that they call me every-time they have the silliest/simplest trouble. And I do help them to my best level. But after today's conversation with one of them in the morning, I just wanted to go and jump into a lake. I had an almost similar feeling, after watching the wonderful movie - kichamani!

21 February 2008

Feeling humbled...

I didn't expect a medical doctor in such a place. That too a lady - a real surprise!

There is a small FreeBSD activists' group here in Munich and I had been there today. The person who organized it was this lady who is a medical doctor by profession - but now working as a sys-admin!

The whole team was quite impressive - the things they spoke were mostly out of my jargon-horizon. It's really a long time since I had this kind of awe for a group of people. There were mini-talks on Plan9 and XNest! Thai Food

A few days back I heard somewhere - "if you want to feel humbled, just have a look at a few images from HubbleSpace - to know how small we (earth-ians) are". After meeting this tech-gurus, I already feel humbled!

Nothing else happened; I was quiet, most of the time.  

Signing off, Sandeep.

PS1: It was in a Thai restaurant, the food (knusprige Ente) was simply super. The waitress was sexy! I really liked her! I might go there again - just to see her! :)

19 February 2008

Slowly learning

anthI thought, I was/am a quick learner. But with this oil-painting techniques, I am taking sometime. Anyway, I am glad that I am finally getting a hang-for-the-thing. Wonderful! :)

What you are seeing here on the right side is the result of 90-100 minutes' work. For a beginner like me, that is really something. The idiot I am, I put my signature on the right-bottom corner, even before giving the yellow corners.

Initially, I was doubtful - whether to give the yellow corners and the black border? Or to simply leave it like that. But now I think the decision was not wrong after all.

Of course, the flowers are not finished yet; Anthurium has to have one cream/yellow small thing at the centre. Well, that can wait. I was dying to show my RAPID-Development ability to the whole world! :)

Signing off, Sands.

PS1: The photo hasn't come well as the paint is still wet and is reflecting some of the light.

PS2: Am I becoming like the barbers@Pazhani? - starting with a new one before finishing the previous ones!

PS3: I have zillion things to do... and what am I doing?

13 February 2008

Suppressing it

It is a pity that most of the people are not ready to detach themselves from their feelings. When you argue with people, you can really feel it. The problem is that they are not even _able_ to do it for the sake of argument. And I think that is where all the logic fails.

If I believe that the rabbit has 3 horns and if I am not ready to check whether my belief is right/wrong, no one can prove me wrong. Simple! I would use this opportunity to thank Anup, my neighbor to have taught me one of the most important lessons of life. I still keep wondering, why I never thought about it - more about it later.

Anyway, I have a lot of stuff to write and I am planning to suppress them for a while. Mostly because they are scandalous and *most* of the people (about 80%) are not yet ready to accept it.

Some update: I had a long conversation with a person from Germany - and all through the conversation, we spoke English. Perhaps my professor is the only person with whom I would have done something similar. And it is such people, who are really open and willing to be open, make foreigners want to learn German! It is again something like Streisand effect.

Update 2: Paintings are more or less done!  :) Yahooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Signing off, Sands.

7 February 2008

More Small == Smaller?

I typed "more small" in outlook mail and outlook showed it to be wrong grammar (green underline). I saw it and right-clicked to see what is the suggestion. The suggestion was "smaller". Oh yeah, "more small" is "smaller"!

Is is always so? Not really.

If I have many small things, and I add one more of such things, wouldn't it be "one more small"? or would the new thing be "one smaller" thing? Apparently, this was the case, and left it as "one more small thing". But I really appreciate the correction idea.

I have a couple of doubts about English. If the past-tense of

Grow is grew
Blow is blew
Throw is threw

And if most of the "*ow" words have past-tenses as "*ew", why is it not "Snew (Snow)", "Shew (Show)" etc.?

Nothing. I just think that a screw needs to be tightened. (This "*ew" thing was triggered by the "showed" in the first line of the post.)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: It has become so easy to blog now, with the Live-Writer! Just click, type and publish.

4 February 2008

Addiction and Workshop

A few weeks back, my sister wrote about her biscuit-addiction. I had thought about doing the same - got a little delayed. I don't say that I am addicted or something - but it's up to you to decide! :)



Now, there are only 8 boxes. And you don't think it as an addiction - do you?

But trust me on this - the cookies are very very tasty - worth getting addicted to. ;)






I have something from my workshop too, to show you. Look below!

From Workshop


It's a long time since I've put my soft-skills to use. About two weeks back, I started with the three paintings in the picture. None of them are actually complete. As they are oil-painting, it takes time. Another reason for slow development is that I am busy otherwise with some  important work. Anyway they will be ready in 7 days - that's at least my plan.  



Signing off, Sands.

PS: Sister's Blog and Biscuit Addiction Post.