29 May 2008

Bad enough, isn't it?

The air is so humid that you can feel it. It makes you go and check in the weather sites to see how bad it really is. And indeed it is bad - it is 94%.

I would think that even Kerala is better in the aspect. I checked for Cochin, and it is 89%. (but it stays all around the year)

Well, may be since I am from there, where it is always humid, I don't find here that bad. It just feels like being home and not being able to sleep because of sweat [Hint: Power failure, no fan]. (Bad enough, isn't it?)

The RED GIRL doesn't seem to be very happy about this warm humid atmosphere. :)

Next weather report.... whenever I feel like. ;)

Signing off, Sands.


26 May 2008

Lovable Chaos

I have never had such a long break from this blog. I simply didn't feel like writing anything. I can't say that I didn't have anything to write - just that I was a bit confused about which of the many topics to write.

Am I complaining a little too much in the blog here? Perhaps I am. I am blaming people, complaining, arguing and doing similar stuff. I guess, it reflects my state of mind. Things are changing drastically and some of the changes are not of my best interests. I even started complaining about the weather a lot (well, Munich weather is definitely not the best in the world; Still I shouldn't be complaining about such silly thing.)

Anyway, right now, I have gotten over all those troubles and have come out clean. Let me take you guys through a small little experience and to the title.Growing to the sky

On Saturday, I went to Hugendubel (Germany's Higginbothams - a large bookshop chain) to look for the German version of the well celebrated malayalam novel Chemmeen. I went around the bookshop. I took a book - "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time" - the sixth best-selling-book of the week. I went up to the coffee shop, ordered one cappuccino and just read that book. It took about 4-5 hours to finish that 270 page book. By the time I finished it, I was feeling really good.

Once finished, I got up, bought the very book I finished and came home! :)

While reading, there was a person sitting at the next table. Once when he took a break, he started chatting with me. This guy was really polite and nice. After two minutes of conversation, we figured out - we both are doing PhD@TUM, we have a couple of common friends, he plans to go to India and he might want to talk more about it - later.

But that got me started talking about India. Something general and detailed; a lot about Kerala.. etc.

When I summed it up, this is what I told - "India is something which you can call - Lovable and Enjoyable Chaos". Well, that sounds like the best description I (or anyone) can give. Isn't it?

Signing off, Sands.

PS1: There is something peculiar about that book. I can't say it is great - but there is something special. Recommended as a good read.

PS2: The picture was taken yesterday - from my neighborhood.

PS3: Didn't get the book I was looking for.

15 May 2008


I have always mentioned that my German classes are wonderful and quite enjoyable. But lately, I think they are becoming a little slow. Daniela is as good as she always was - but I think the whole class is moving a little slow and even theRoses from Class topics are not that interesting.

Right now, the chapter is about different types of sounds - yes, different varieties of human-voice. I fail to see this topic to be interesting.

I still haven't gotten that tempo after losing two weeks of class.

And finally.. to add insult to injury, Now I am very talkative in the class. This is a vicious circle - when I find the class boring, I do something else and that would make me even less interested in the class and then I'd do something else... .and it goes on and on and on...

My only regret about talking in the class is that I disturb Ewelina (the girl with whom I speak and, love to speak) and Daniela (the teacher). So, in the last class, I sat somewhere between two students who are really studious and wouldn't talk.

And the result is what you are seeing in the picture - :)

Well, for a drawing in the class it's good... isn't it?

I have to get back to writing articles for the class and make myself more involved. The class is way too slow that I drift off to before many others are done with the topic. Perhaps I should talk to Daniela.

Another trouble is... even when I am not as active as I used to be, I am the one who is most active. Sameera (Afghan girl) even asked me - What do I usually eat - to be active, singing, jumping around all the time. What can I say? {Can I say that I am just simply really madly deeply passionately crazy? - this sentence proves it, doesn't it?}

Failing to plan is planning to fail - I've known it for ever. Still, I wasn't planning anything during the past few weeks. Anyway, back to planning.. back to tempo... (it was an almost night-out yesterday).

Signing off, Sands.

10 May 2008

Slapstick Comedy...

He sat in the balcony, which opened to vast fields on all sides. A few cars sped through the road which cut the mustard field. No one could say where the horizon, where the fields and the moonlit sky merged, was. Cool breeze and instrumental-karnatic music added richness to the atmosphere. But he was multitasking - sitting in an easy chair, he was reading a novel which he had fallen in love with, while biting to the pieces of pizza from a plate in his lap... and as a topping.. he was sipping from a small glass of raw liquor after every few bites of pizza.

And that he is me. :)...

The Fallen Hero... :)That's a bliss my dear friends... really bliss. That too if you reached home as a dead man after a real long day of physical hard work; and then a long bath in warm tub. And especially if you had had a few decent falls on your back the previous day... which contributes to wonderful body pain. ;).. See the picture!

Well that's not the topic. Here is an excerpt from one of my conversations with a close friend of mine.

I: All the same, I have to warn you … I am changing as a person.. I am becoming more rough and tough than I ever was.. :)

My Friend: You don't have to register the change Sandeep... I can feel it or [am] rather seeing it :)

I don't know why or from where - I am getting this urge to crush (with arguments) those ones, who give me a little chance - by trying to justify a small stupid* thing they said. Is it a big deal to accept that you made a mistake? - come on dude, be a man or face me. [What an arrogance?]

And I am trying hard to control this urge. Yesterday, I started grueling this guy and he escaped as my train came. Today... I did control as it was my need to keep the situation really sane and peaceful... There were a few victims in the last week. I need to stop this - not because I am not enjoying it.. but others aren't enjoying it as much as I do. ;) The whole thing roots from some kind of aggressiveness and arrogance - but why/how/from-where?

Am I growing into Sanjay Sudheendran (IIT) - who is/was very good at crushing others just with double-edged-soft dialogues? Well.. I hope not. Even though I have always looked forward to becoming so. ;)

Anyway it's all different phases of life - Carpe Diem - that's the way to see it. It looks like I still have to go long before I start to mellow down.

Boring stuff follows...

The day had been wonderful. Two hours of work in the library - with quite a number of visitors, cataloguing a few books; Then a warm day (20 degrees) on which I took a long walk through the Englisher Garten - relaxing in the grass for a while. Talking with someone for long time.. telling things which I haven't told anyone. Saturdays should be like this - a day after the 5 working days. :)

Beauty :)Now I am off to bed my dear fellows! Good night.

Signing off, Sands.

*stupid : From my point of view. And I do accept that I was wrong if they simply give a decent reason to support. But not something like "I believe in God, because I believe in God" {Courtesy: Richard Dawkins}

PS: The title and the content have no relation! - well here it is. While coming home in the evening, the driver made a wrong turn and within 2 seconds he realized it and reversed the bus. Everyone started laughing hysterically - but I failed to see the joke. The words which occurred to me lie there in the title. :)

Photo Courtesy: Red Girl - my teacher for skating. :)

8 May 2008

The Book Business... [ :) ]

Clarification: When I wrote the entry yesterday... it was early morning. Blogging was the first thing I did. I must have been really numb and in a melancholic mood in the morning cold. Later in the afternoon, when I read the post again, I thought of rescuing it from it's emotionless/numb feel.. and I sounded too old too - hence I withdrew it for maintenance. Well, it's morning again and I am in the same mood as yesterday... and everything looks again perfect even without repairing... then why not just publish it again? ;)

As usual, I decided on book(s) as the present. It was the red girl's birthday and God of small things was the chosen book. I shall come back to the book business in a moment.

Experience - that's what prepares us. Every minute thing - let it be the lonely chess player in the largest beer house in the world... or may be the little children playing outside my house. Everything gets registered in your heart - yes I did use the word heart instead of mind/brain.

Sometimes some of it just invokes some feelings... which you haven't had in many years. You yourself might not have imagined that such feelings still do exist in your heart.

And changes - the only constant thing. The thing which brings different experiences and in turn making the life itself a wonderful thing.

Yes, lot of changes happened in the past 60 days of my life and had wonderful experiences too.

A few are: I spoke with an auto-driver in Bangalore, who now regrets about his too-early marriage... who shared his thoughts with me.. and I paid him Rs. 40/- extra (don't ask me why). I went to a restaurant with only 10 self-service tables, but 11 waiters. I spoke with the drunk construction worker from Austria(Vienna) in German. I read things, I saw things... and went through some relationship issues too. ;)

Slum MumbaiI always used to think that some friends of mine are terrific mind-readers and observers. Used to think that I am bad at it. Lately, I realize that one of the important things I failed to observe was that I am sometimes even a better observer. Just that I don't(didn't) care enough to show/notice it.

Similarly, I just never cared enough to think what others think - never thought that it was worth it. But I think, I am good there too - as a mind reader.

But my opinion on others' thoughts still stays there - I don't bother about others' thought. I have better things to do than reading minds. {It could be done just for fun though}

This was one of the revelations I had in the past two months. Simply wonderful. :)

I realized another thing - that I am slowly, gradually losing the ability to get tensed/worried. (Well, Vimal might disagree with this though. Sorry dude... I have to tell you that I am right here).

Well, now back to business. So, I went to the bookstall and picked an extra book too - "Shantharam". It's a wonderful book. The conversations are sometimes indeed very deep, strong and intense. Or is it just I who find it that way? The experiences... of Linbhai .. that's the trigger for this post.

Do read that book .. when you have time or make some time for it.

Signing off, Sands.



4 May 2008

Beautiful...! Really... :)

This entry would be just a photo-entry -- a few pics I took in the afternoon.

1. Small is beautiful! pooo5

2. More flowers than leaves??pooo4

3. I forgot the name of these flowers -- but who needs their name to enjoy the beauty?pooo3

4. Some Tulips are always good to look at.. pooo2

5. Finally..... This is my favorite picture of the day! pooo1


Well, that's all for now. Had wanted to write something.. - time crunch again! :)

Signing off, Sands.