22 June 2007

I have lost count.. still again.

I don't know how many times I already have written that I am so happy in life. Today, I repeat it.

In life, one plays many different roles at any given time - son, brother, friend, student, employee, neighbor, teacher, employer, husband, father .. etc. A man might have to play all these roles simultaneously. And how well he does it - that performance should tell how good he is.

At present, I have a couple of these roles to act. You know what? I am actually doing them quite well.

As far as I can think, my parents are happy. I am a good son!

I help my sister with her small problems and confusions. I help my friends to learn German (I am learning myself). I help my friends with CS-Theory. Not just helping with learning, I am a good emotional source&sink too ... for them.

I am a good student to my German teacher, a good neighbor to my wing-mates ... etc. My professor also seems to be happy with me.

May be I am not perfect in all these things. Except for the last (professor) thing, I am satisfied too. When it comes to my real research, I am lagging a little bit.

Even otherwise, I was never a great student. Towards the end, I finish well. But I always have been too lazy in the beginning. Half way through, I wake up and start working. I am in that stage now! :)

Anyway, this will be the last time I am having this *slow-starting* trouble. I just took things too lightly. So, at the end of day, that problem too is getting solved - because I've found the root cause!

Personally too I think I am doing quite good. There are many things which I want to do, but have not accomplished yet. It's just a matter of time. I am moving slowly and steadily towards my goals.

There are some days which are completely non-productive. I don't have time to cry for such bad days. It's a part of the game - but the daily-grind has to continue.

Two weeks back, I simply sat and wrote down a couple of things to do... to improve my life. I have slowly started with 2-3 of them too - the surprising fact is that... the 2-3 weeks of change is really showing the difference.. in the energy level and the whole happiness. Let me see how well can I manage.

The following are a couple of them from the list.

  1. Continue to be an early bird

  2. Learn to concentrate for 3+ hours

  3. Avoid procrastination

  4. Exercise half an hour every day

  5. Read for one hour everyday / A book every week

  6. Learn German

  7. Socialize more

  8. Write letter to friends and relatives

  9. Start saving money

  10. Improve LaTeX, Vim, Shell abilities

  11. Maintain blog regularly

  12. Learn Fast typing

I have started with only a few of them... It will take a long time to go the long way!

Here is a picture from my today's walk.

Should not I be happy?

Signing off, Sands.

PS1: Last but not the least, I am not-so-bad a blogger too!

PS2: These are just a few things from the big list of things which make me happy. For example, I have tension about my research... and I enjoy even that! What's wrong with me?

PS3: Post dedicated to Yadhu and Arun.


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