12 October 2007

Am I being Human?

It must be certainly a human tendency to feel that what others do are so simple and silly... what I do is the most important and difficult thing.

May be it is what makes me feel that German is the most difficult one of all the languages. The only relief is that every other student of my German class too agree with this (WOW, they too human!).

There are situations when you feel that you are almost done, and then you figure out that there is a whole lot of stuff more to be done. Something like you are cleaning your room and are happy that cleaning is almost at an end.

Alas, then you open the almirah and realize - there is just another universe of chaos inside it - yet to begin with. This is what I feel, just in a large scale.

I was happy when I could understand quite a bit of the news which I found in the newspaper. I was excited when I understood the whole of the notice pasted in the hostel. I was beginning to think that it is time I am more or less finishing with the German course.

Unfortunately, the good feeling did not last long. Daniela started with the a new topic yesterday. And as usual, the topic is completely logic-less and full of exceptional cases to be learnt by-heart! Of course, pretty important too, if you don't want to look like a fool while speaking in public.

Then I knew, the end of my course is still very far. I have quite a long way to go before I reach there.

Well, I am concentrating more in reading/writing. Converstions will automatically follow. Time to update my German blog.

That's all then.

Signing off, Sands.



Dinil said...

My story of French lessons is even more pathetic! :)

Black is beautiful said...

Germans can wait....
Algebra and your problem should not wait....