12 November 2007


Today I am somehow filled with lot of energy. May be because I am going to be terribly busy this week. Anyway good.

Last week, I got a new system here, at college. A dualcore 3.0GHz system with 2 GB RAM -- with Suse-10.3 installed. Not bad actually :). A new monitor too - which is a 24 inch widescreen from Samsung. I don't know, what great thing I am going to do with these. Do I really need this great stuff for checking emails, browsing and a little programming?

Anyway, the system is working wonderfully. [LG system, Samsung monitor, Logitech mouse and Cherry keyboard -- what a combination]

The thing which I am most happy about is the new keyboard. The old one was a little difficult. This one is really soft and feels good. And the keyboard is the only thing which is white in color!

Let me then get to my work.

Signing off, Sands.

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