27 May 2009

Green with envy

We all are influenced, aren’t we? The people around us, the place where we live, the things we see, our friends, the books we read, etc., etc. - everything influences us.

There are times when something/someone throws an idea in our direction and it would be the best if we jump and grab the idea.

New things, things which were never inside the horizon of our knowledge might simply make us “aroused” and we get involved.

Sometimes we learn what to do? or how to be? and some other times we learn what not to do? and how not to be?. Both are good in their own way. (Perhaps the second group helps us more :) )

Around me, there are a couple of people who really influence me (of course in a positive way). One has to first earn some respect and admiration from me before I take their thoughts seriously and let them influence me. At the same time, it is initially the thoughts themselves which make me respect and admire them.

Yes it is cyclic. Some people get to higher and higher levels of this cycle by being wonderful and terrific; where as some others fall into pits that I would be so sure that they can never be sensible. Even then they teach me what not to do if you want to be sensible!

Well, lately I had NOT been reading books. But I had been reading some random stuff, had been spending time with nice people and I am influenced. That makes me get into a couple of stuff.

  1. I am starting a new blog. (link at the end)
  2. I am trying to refresh/learn LISP and EMACS
  3. I am getting a driver’s licence (Indian licence is not valid here).
  4. str-red0086_s[13]I am getting fascinated by skiing. Waiting for the steel rod from my leg to be removed. 

(Each colour indicates a source of inspiration/influence) And there are some other stuff as well which I choose not to write to avoid boring you. :)

Now to the title: Some one did make me green with envy. Fortunately, I am already going through the process of making myself ready for getting the thing which made me jealous. So, not soooo envious. But that person, who made me envious has been lately proving to be going higher and higher in the above mentioned circle. Hence this post is in honour of that person.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: The new blog - Two Cents.


Arun said...

hmmm...i'm curious. seems like it time for another talk over some nice cold beer @sendlinger

Asha said...

I am not able to view the last pic.Is it some problem over there or mine??