21 September 2010

A bunch of things–half baked.

Listening to “Yesterday, all  my troubles seemed so far away”. How lovely a song it is!

“I don’t know” is a good answer when you really don’t know what is being asked/discussed. Don’t you think so? At least I do.

But many prefer to give half-baked ill-informed answers/opinions when they are asked something. And guess what? that drives me mad. I don’t claim that I know everything about anything I know.

I know only very little. But unless I am quite sure, I won’t be commenting about anything. Oh yes, there are human errors everywhere – I am not above/beyond them either. So, I do cut some slack for everyone. (who do I think I am?)

But when I hear half baked ideas and see half assed effort to be informed, I react badly. Especially when the hard-earned facts and irrefutable logic are ignored. Perhaps I should mellow down a bit.

IMG_0058This blog doesn’t really follow a theme. But lately, I am writing a little too much about atheism and “free-thinking”. Before we  go there, I’ll give you some updates.

After my “Bookshelf Dilemma” post, I decided to get an e-book reader and have it in my hand already. Yes, an amazon Kindle. So far, I have liked it a lot. All the same, I should say that I haven’t read even one complete book in that. But since my vacation is to start next week, I am keeping my reading postponed till then.

A few days before Kindle, I had bought an iPhone too. I am quite satisfied with that gadget as well. I am quite pleased with it.


NOW, coming back to ignoring facts and going with ill-informed opinions. This is perhaps why, I cannot understand “creationists”, the reason I don’t understand superstitions, or blindly religious people. Well, apparently, people simply refuse to think…., which is so sad.

Anyway, today I am not going to talk/write about beliefs. I shall just share some lovely videos I came across.


Thanks to Pramode sir, for bringing this (Deconversion) to my notice.

For a good laughter


Then, there was this debate I saw online – whether church is necessary or not. It is a playlist of 5 videos – worth watching.



Now, to an entirely different topic: Vegetarianism. I became a vegetarian, more than a year ago, and stayed so, faithfully. The choice was mainly philosophical and there was a small part of the question which I hadn’t answered. During my vacation@home, I think I will be revisiting the whole issue – all over again.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Sometimes you don’t know – “whether you like the person because of his ideas or you like his ideas because you like him” (my example is Stephen Fry). Something similar is – “Do I like those parents because I like their kids or do I like the kids because I like their parents?”. There is a malayali family in Munich which I simply adore – parents and two little girls.

PPS: It was Keralasamajam’s Onam celebration on Saturday and I (and MG) painted something for the stage.  Here they are:



Jon said...

Paintings are awesome....

People who refuse to think..you mean to say that all the atheists think well.. You mean to say that humans are capable of answering all the questions or they have all the materials available to do a free thinking

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

Hi Jon,

Nice interpretations..! :)

a) I didn't even use the word atheist anywhere... All what I said was "This is perhaps why, I cannot understand “creationists”, the reason I don’t understand superstitions, or blindly religious people.".
(I simply back off, if you belong to any of these. Then evidence/lack-of-it won't be of any significance to you)

b) And I didn't say humans are capable of answering all questions. I said that, we should say "I don't know" when we don't know, rather than giving ill-informed ones.


Anonymous said...


Amazon Kindle looks nice...

“whether you like the person because of his ideas or you like his ideas because you like him” .. Nice thought.


salada religiosa said...

the bookshelf dilema's

a atheist theist blog

الرجل ذبح بعضهم البعض ولكن الخيول باهظة الثمن said...

I was forced in a few days


John Machan said...

Wonder why in the second video, Chris Hitchens was wearing the Indian flag on his lapel. :)