9 December 2010

Winter is here and I am a carpenter

Oh well, so many things happened in life during the past  6 months..

  • I am not in Munich anymore; relocated to a small town near Frankfurt.
  • Not anymore a PhD student, but a “responsible” security expert! :P
  • Living in a single WHOLE apartment instead of a member of a shared apartment.
  • And such…

All about those will be written as time goes by, in my future posts. This post is mainly for a few photos.

After moving in to the new apartment, I had to have some new furniture. So, I decided to make them… yes, I bought the ‘raw-materials’ and tools and started making some.



Working with chisels and saw wasn’t as easy as I had imagined  - mainly because of the noise (I didn’t want to annoy my neighbors)





The first two photos are of “something” I made for the kitchen.

Every single time I took the chisels, I was reminded of Perumthachan (and his son)




Here is a small thing I built, and fixed on the wall… and a foldable table. I knew, I didn’t  want to move it around.

So, it is fixed, but one can fold it back when not needed.




And now, I shall show you some pics from this years snow.

Two cycle tracks on the snow and the city’s yellow light on it.

How would I go without leaving footprints? ;)

On my way to office…!

I am still on my way…

I have to cross this little “river”. :)

Well, that’s all my dear fellows.

You all have a lovely time! Till very soon,

Signing off, Sands.


Anonymous said...

First of all, congratulations for the job.. :)

That is some work! I still have nightmares about carpentry workshop.. Hats off to you.

The folding table looks flimsy in the picture.


lakshmi said...

Kollallo. Carpentry and all :). And good to see you back (on the blog i.e..)