12 May 2011

Here I am, Are you (still) here?

Well, a little post to prove to myself that I haven’t forgotten how to blog. With win-live-writer and all, it is quite easy to blog – all it takes is a single click to open it, then type in the matter and hit “publish”. Yeah, I still remember.

Karben in Spring__ 2011-04-10 001I am not giving any hollow promise that I will be regular here again (as if you guys are still hanging in here to read what I write). In any case, all I want to tell is that life is taking such turns which I thought it never would.

Anyway, I am off again. Before I go, I wish you a wonderful day and give you this little flower - (someone said: Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower) – you find the sunshine and freedom by yourself.

Signing off,


Anonymous said...



Smita said...

Good to see u back :)

Usha said...

gawd! looks like the most of the people in the blogsville I was used to, are busy taking their breaks as much as I was taking mine.
Take care, you! and do get back to blogging, after all it's about a single click, type in and publish! :)

lakshmi said...

People are indeed hanging around waiting for your word. So start writing!