23 November 2011

This shall not be the case

Not being regular, here on the blogosphere, is not the way to go. I should get back to writing. And I think, yes, I will.

For a long time I wasn’t sure why I am not writing. Two major things coincided with the downfall of the frequency of posting and like any other idiot, I assumed that one of those was the reason for my lack of writing. (I know, correlation doesn’t equate to causation)

Apparently, it appears now,  something else, of which I was oblivious, was (and is) the real reason.

The situation would not change for at least 6 more months. But I have already taken long breaks and I should get back to writing.

Here is my attempt to break the long break. More will continue…. soon.

Signing off,

1 comment:

anupama said...

Dear Sands,
A Pleasant and Lovely Evening!
Whatever the reason may be,get back to writing at the earliest!
Just express feelings freely,share the daily experiences,just scribble for ten minutes!
The post is ready!:)
The gift of writing is rarely bestowed! Respect your talent and start!