22 August 2006

Doha and Idli

Hey janam lethe jagah mein ek hi
Ek hi pauda unhem hei paaltha
Raath mein un-par chamktha chaand bhi
Ek hi si chaandni hei taaltha

I don't remember who is the author of this - Kabirdas or Surdas? It was there in my highschool Hindi syllabus. After a long time, today morning when I got up, this was there in my mind. Just thought of writing it down. (Comment the mistakes)

By the way, Munich has come back to its normal spirits. It's raining all the time and the atmosphere is dark always. But after the unbearable summer, this climate seems to be better than anything else.

Such a rainy day, 10 in the morning, I feel like having some idli and sambhar!!

Signing off, Sands.

1 comment:

Sandeep said...

It could be mistaked as Dosha and Idli, and that I mis-spelled dosha. But it's really doha itself!! :)