4 August 2006

PM's job is tough

Yes, going back to school is very difficult especially when there is no course which I should do, there are no assignments, no lab-work and nobody to question me. I am doing a project and I have to be my own PM. One needs lot of self-motivation for this.

I always had been in the creamy layer, i.e, I was always a member of the lucky lot. Forget school, Look from GEC onwards - I was a member of the lucky ones. IIT too the same, was the only one to come abroad with schol, was the only one to get to MS. Finally, now also I think, I am the only one to have full scholarship in my lehrstuhl(chair). No need to do any project in the department, no need to be a teaching assistant, literally nothing I have to do other than what I WISH to do. No constraints, No restrictions!!

I think that's great. That's the curse too. Haven't had any difficulties. It was always a bed of roses. But now being COMPLETELY free is a little difficutlt. Lot many distractions. In MS, I know how productive I was. Here I am productive, but not as much as I was there. Just because, there is no one to tell me "DON'T DO" when I am into something which is of less priority. I need to prioritize things, do them according to priority. I have to do it for myself. That is what a PM's job is. Prioritize the stuff needed for the project, make the developer do it, make sure it's done perfectly - through testers. Doing all of it single-handedly is really not simple. But, that's the only way to go and that's how I want to go.

The good news: I think I am doing it more or less okay. Still, have to improve my skills. Have to develop the ability of putting more appropriate deadlines. Have to develop the ability of doing things without waiting for the deadlines to come. The sooner I improve, the better.

- Sands.

PS: Now, I am able to appreciate what Rohit used to do. Thanks to him.


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

The main reason for this post was that, I was watching a movie tonight at the time I had given for some creative work related to my studies. So where went my priorities?

- Sands :)
PS: Commenting for OWN post. Isn't it funny?

Anonymous said...

count me in... same boat... things not moving :(


Vimal said...

As Uncle Ben said, "With great power comes great responsibility". This is my gift. This is my curse. Who am I?
I am Spiderman.
Lesham vattanennu kootikko.

I am having lot of new thoughts, courtesy, the new place.

Anonymous said...


Use this opportunity dude.. only rarely in life we get right settings and environment... First sem in IIT was like that..kuttan agreed ???


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Agreed - with all my heart [brain too ;)]

- sands.