16 November 2006

Immatrikulation and violet light (?)

It seems, finally I will be getting immatrikulated (enrolled as student) on the coming monday :). I just came home and found a letter from the university :)

Some strange observation: I live in the second floor. I came, picked the mail from the mailbox and was taking the stairs. Lights weren't switched on and it was kind of dark. The flap of the mail-cover was pasted to it's main body. I just pulled the flap, and I saw a violet light where the flap comes off the glue !! I stopped for a second and tried it again. Yes, there was a violet light -- very little. But this was really surprising. Next time I go to some supermarket, I should try to get one of the same type to do the experiment.

that's all for now. Life is very busy and I enjoy it :))

signing off, sands.


lakshmi said...

ninde oro karyangal
light vananthre!! kuntham.

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


it's true.. donno whether some florescence or anything.. but there was that light..

i still find it hard to believe that you keep track of my blog :) [it's nice]

VW: vrexn

Joy-of-nothing said...

wow..feelings senti ( i meant ur comment) :D

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


VW: bdipch