29 November 2006

Schönen Tag --- Beautiful Day

Herr Sandeep Sadanandan, geboren am 16.02.1982 in Coimbarote, ist an der Technische Universitat Munchen als Student immatrikuliert.

Yes, this is what I was waiting for the past 6+ months "Mr. Sandeep Sadanandan, born on 16.02.1982 in Coimbatore, has been enrolled as a student of T.U.M". They have made mistakes in Date of birth and also with my Place of birth. Still I am happy with this. Finally I got it done :)

My Insurance too is ready now. I hope they don't come with a new problem. I got my salary for the work done on conference too. Altogether today was a real good day.

Evening, I will be going for "Casino Royale".

Signing off, Sands


Anonymous said...

if that's some important doc, then u better get the date and place changed...

Anonymous said...

btw, it's schoener tag

Anonymous said...

Hi sandeep,
Good that things are slowely getting well for you.

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

@asha comment 1
It's fine for the time being. This thing i got will be renewed in another 4 months. By that time I'll get it corrected.

@asha comment 2
Yes madam. You are right. I still find it difficult to get the akkusative/dative etc things. Anyway in the class, my teacher has just started with that.

Grussgott man. So, you are keeping track of things. Any plan to come to Munich? I owe you some money. Do you remember?