10 October 2008

Jam, Love, and Three girls

Lately, I am cultivating the habit of listening to some radio programs. Every morning, I do listen to one or two of the umpteen FM stations. (Language Learning through Radio Programs - I could write a book on that)

My favourite is (for no specific reason) Bayern Drei (don't bother the name). Just like every other station, they too have frequent reports on weather and traffic. (Did you expect something about the eatable jam?? after seeing the title?)

It is indeed surprising that, every morning, in the traffic report, they report at least 5 traffic jams; And that the traffic blocks are on an average 3 kilometres long. Indeed surprising, right?

Well, sometimes there is some news of an accident too, which could be accounted for one of the five traffic blocks.  Otherwise, how could there be so many long traffic blocks?

The fact which leaves me surprised is that, Germany wasn't developing (in the past 10 years or so) as fast as many third world countries are doing right now. I don't think that there was any car-population explosion, which was totally unexpected, so that the government didn't have enough time to make enough infra-structure. Still there are these JAMS!

After the report, I give a minute's thought to Bangalore and Chennai. And wonder, how bad it would be there?... if this is the situation here. (Don't forget that, here the pollution control is better, nobody sounds the horn and also that you can easily stay without lowering the glass - which is totally the other way around in India.)

(Did you expect something about the eatable jam?? after reading the cheesy title?)

Now is the better part: A little about languages.

'love' is overloaded with so many meanings.How many words do we have in English, which mean LOVE? - Just one .. and that is LOVE. Whether it is a child's love to its mother, or a lover's love or any other love (even the love of/for God)

The situation is the same in German too. It is even worse because the word for love (liebe) is also used as 'dear' (only in female cases).

The word for 'love' is overloaded with so many meanings.

Now looking into Indian languages, there are a couple of words for love - depending on what type of love it is. Right? A mother's love  is not the same as a lover's love. There are different words for it.

All the same, a lover's love is best expressed in English! :) 
Since when am I this crazy? Writing about these things? That too, too incoherent!????

Well, let me wind up with a curious thing: I met three girls in the past 10 months. All three of them have something unusual in common - all three of them are children of dentist parents!
[ No,  they are not sisters ;) ]

Hmmm.. one of them is named Hermione. ;)
Others are real! ;)

Signing off, Sands.



Anonymous said...

I actually thought of eating jam.. :P

Found this 'bangalore traffic' pic from net..



RoHiT said...


ya.. here in traffic jams, the last thing to do is to sit in a car with the windows open... Pollution(air+sound) to the max!

ഗീതാഗീതികള്‍ said...

Traffic jam....
Sitting idly...
Loose thoughts.....
A Mother pampering her babe...
Lovers walking through the street hand in hand talking and smiling intimately at each other.....
A girl with a slight resemblence to that Hermione, walking through the foot path.....
Coherent or incoherent - it is a good thing that you scribble down whatever comes to your mind!

The word LOVE overloaded with so many meanings...
This reminded me of the operator overloading and function overloading in C++.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...



thanks for visiting..


You do have *imagination* :)
And thanks for the praise. I went up to sky! :)

And you know C++!?

ഗീതാഗീതികള്‍ said...

Oh! No! Come down please! I want to read your sweet posts!

"And you know C++!? "

Why this much wonderstruck?
( C++ is an Ocean, and I have just one drop of it!)