17 October 2008

Energetic People

Two days back, a friend of mine said - "I think, about 90% of all the people we meet are weird". Later, anyway she made it clear that I belonged to the rest 10%. I am sure that she was feeling good about being in that minority which she definitely considered to be "normal" .. or rather, "non-weird".

In fact, the definition of NORMAL itself is "what/how the majority does". If one looks from that point of view, we are the weird ones.

Fortunately, some of my friends, with whom I have *stuff* to do, belong to the minority of "weird" people. There is one common trait of these weird people - they are energetic. YES, THEY/WE ARE.

There is nothing in the world which can make them tired. Well, we are human too, we get physically tired, but the fire will be there inside us always. And many a time, we are good at sharing the energy! :) Great .. isn't it?Mental Energy! ;)

Trust me, it is not that difficult to have a good/positive way of thinking. It is perhaps much easier than having negative thoughts. If I get started on this topic, I am sure to go to "there is no spoon" - which is from the movie Matrix. But the idea "our mind is the most flexible thing" was developed by me even earlier! :)

Yes, that's the key. We, as specially intelligent creatures, can choose the mood which we want to be in. And I choose to be happy and energetic, with lot of plans and ideas always within me. {For the first time in the history of this blog, I dare say that if you think all this is just boasting, bragging.. I don't care}

Well, I have been blamed of writing too long posts. I better listen to my readers. And I should move my blogging days from Friday to Sunday/Monday - so that my readers are not tired when they see my blog! ;)

But there is a small message before I leave.

My dear fellow, you can decide whether you should let something affect you too much or too little. You can choose how happy you should be. Should you choose to be happy and energetic always, you will be. (Or at the least, most of the times). Please do give it a shot.

This message is to an Indian friend of mine - who comes to me everyday; who is almost always cribbing about life; who is a whining baby. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to listen to my advice! :(

Signing off,

PS1: I once had an argument with the same friend (from the first paragraph) and another friend (a very energetic soul) about our ignorance of our ignorance. I am not ignorant that I am a normal human being who is bound to have the fatigue of a long week and I don't deny that I feel a little tired now. Let me head home! :)

PS2: These wonderful, lovely friends of mine here in Germany are from totally different fields of life - a programmer, a computer-linguistic student, a doctoral student and a German-teacher! :)

Post Script Long: The dialogue sequence from The Matrix [Youtube Link]

  Spoon boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth.
  Neo: What truth?
  Spoon boy: There is no spoon.
  Neo: There is no spoon?
  Spoon boy: Then you'll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.


Surya said...

is this our common dreamer friend?

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the post..

And most of these energetic people (is it really 10% or am i looking only at the 10%?) knows how to radiate the energy they have and charge the people surrounding them..


Hailstone said...

"...In fact, the definition of NORMAL itself is "what/how the majority does"..." -- I was thinking the same after reading the first paragraph...'controversial'
so, does it mean I'm wierd?

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


No, No ... Not him! :)
This is some other friend here.


I still am not clear about what you meant inside those parentheses.


This is just like the "finally, I found the book" - not many people do see the problem there.

But if you did think that, there is a big chance that you are in the 10% :)

Anonymous said...

hehe.. even i am not..

Well, what i meant was that i am seeing a lot of the so called weird people around me (a lot more than 10%)..

I added the second part - "or am i looking only at the 10%" - just before commenting, which changed the meaning.. :D


ഗീതാഗീതികള്‍ said...

“We, as specially intelligent creatures, can choose the mood which we want to be in.“

This time, Sands, I'm not in full agreement with you. I too am a person who would always like to be in a happy mood, if possible. As a part of that, I always avoid watching/reading trajic movies/books, run away from scenes of trajedies and like that....

But there are times when we can't choose to be happy, however we may try or wish. For eg. if someone so dear is ailing or in distress how can one choose to be in a happy mood? This means that there are external factors also which decide whether one is to be happy or otherwise. Or, one's happiness depends not entirely on his choosing to be happy. Those around us also play a role in that. (These external factors - I would like to call them as 'Destiny' or 'GOD'). Sands, you are too young. May be that you never have faced such situations. Enjoying so carefree and happy a life for the present! Let it be so for ever!(Heartily wish that HE bless you with a very happy life just as you wish!)

Hope that you are not cross with me for disagreeing with you.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


I understood it.
Your result perhaps implies that your sample space is just too small! ;)


I understand what you mean.

I agree, what I wrote cannot be taken as *absolutely* correct all the time.

Yes, chechi... I might be too young to have seen the other side. But the ones who are of my age-group.. who are visibly free from any major problems... when they .... who are to build tomorrow's world... when they don't show any energy... I find it hard. :)

And hence the post! :)

And why would I be cross with you for disagreeing? Never... :)


A Liberated Soul said...

And pls tell me which category do I fall in?

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Replied at your place

ഗീതാഗീതികള്‍ said...

"But the ones who are of my age-group.. who are visibly free from any major problems... when they .... who are to build tomorrow's world... when they don't show any energy... I find it hard. "

At this point I completely agree with you Sands. I too know some such people - always wailing and complaining about 'their' problems (silly most of the time). They have no eyes for 'others' problems. I find these people self-centered, lazy and irresponsible. By complaining like this all the time, they are actually finding a way out for escaping away from their responsibilities.
I too hate such people.