16 November 2008

Am I Normal?

Was it sofia? or sonia? Would they announce it in every flight today?

After hearing the announcement "Happy B'day Sofia/Sonia", in the flight, I asked my neighbor. This was the very first thing I spoke with him.

He replied, "May be it's some passenger; So they need not do it in every flight".

"If that is a passenger, then they won't be using her first name. So, it could be one of the stewardess", I remarked.

He suggested that it could be child. Sure, then the first name could be used.

I thought that it made sense, but I let it rest without mentioning "Birthday Paradox" to say that, there are more than 23 people in the flight and blah blah blah to prove my point. [Well, I hadn't realised at that time that he had enough math background to understand without explanation]

But I marked it in my mind that my neighbor in the flight was a smart fellow indeed. :) ... and he turned out to be a really smart fellow.

Well.... that is not the point, right? Just wanted to show the oddity! ;)

After my accident, I never did a detailed report of the event. :) .. It was mainly three or four things which I thought about... just after the accident.

I had seen the car (a green one) coming towards me and I knew that it would hit me and of course, my calculation was right! [If only I were wrong!!]

Well, after getting hit, I was thrown away and my bike was thrown away as well. While in the air, I saw my bike flying above me (I say above, because, I remember it vividly that I saw the flying bike and sky was the background).

I fell, people came around me, informed the police ... blah blah blah. It was paining, my leg was the only organ which was hurting and I was not scared at all ... as I knew that it's only my leg which is hurt. (Even though I didn't know ... to what extent it was hurt. I hadn't expected to have broken both the bones)

First thought: WOW! Time slows down. I had seen it in a documentary, that... when we are having an accident or something, our brain-clock ticks way fast that we feel and see everything in slow motion. And I knew in that instant - why the sight of flying bike was so clear and vivid to me.

Second thought: What if I were a primitive man? I just thought that if I were a primitive man (say neanderthal) then there might not be anyone to help me out.. and some animal would come after sometime and eat me. Then I realised that I would be dead because of the cold even before any animal would find me. Then I corrected myself that, if I were indeed a primitive man, I wouldn't have had an accident at all. (Crazy me.. right?)

Third thought: I am missing the important meeting with professor. This one I even shared with the nice fellow who was holding me from moving and hurting myself further. He said me that it's fine. Then I also said him "So ist das Leben" -- meaning ... "Such is life" .. "no complaints". This was of course a very normal thought.

The fourth thought was really crazy and I should give the credit of the thought/dream to the sedative which was flowing through my arteries. I dreamt about matrix/real-world/what-is-real/Nietsche etc. etc. It was an awesome dream which felt like for hours but I can't explain all of it in words. That dream, I am sure, was really not so normal.

I didn't tell about these things to others, as they might find me a little(?) crazy. But now I am posing before you, the question "Am I normal?". Am I???? (Yes, I know, I am :) )

Signing off, Sands.

PS1: There was a BBC documentary series "Am I" -- "Am I normal", "Am I Obese" .. etc. etc. The title reminds me of the series

PS2: Does it sound like I am blowing my own trumpet? ;)


A Liberated Soul said...

:) So ist das Leben

A Liberated Soul said...

Is it?

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

99% of the time, Life is BEAUTIFUL

And when some silly thing goes wrong... then it adds more beauty to life. :) ....

So ist das Leben. -- yes, it IS so.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. The 10% weird group.. :)

"What is I were a primitive man?" LOL.. cool thought.. :)

Don't tell me that you didn't thought of the possibility of making a blog entry... :P


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Thanks! :)

And blogging didn't occur to me at all. :?

Annoyed said...

I am not going to comment......

Anonymous said...

where are you?
forgot the way to blogspot or wat?

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

@Annoyed / @Anonymous

Was out of the internet world for a couple of days... (broken internet connection)

Back again.