11 November 2008


Many a time, this word "overwhelming" is used to exaggerate. But this time, I should think that it is not enough.

Last weekend, I flew to home - back to India. As I am a little disabled for the coming month ,because of the broken leg, I preferred to stay with my family where I get enough care. (In fact, I was getting enough or even more than enough care at Munich itself. I don't have enough words to thank my friend. And also, thanking would make it formal and I don't like it.)

So, I reached home on Sunday, morning 10. :)

Now, take a guess - How many visitors did I have during the first two days?

There were 49 visitors in the first 36 hours at home. After seeing the number of people came to visit me at Munich, I was thinking - "hey I am popular enough". Now, after these many visitors here, I just don't know what to think.

Well, I so happen to be popular by myself; a son of well connected parents  (vitamin B) and the brother of a *very* active, popular sister. :)

I am going to have a 4 week vacation - just for reading and taking rest. :)

Signing off, Sands.

PS1: The idea of getting the count of visitors - credit goes to my sister. (she has written down even the names of all)

PS2: Vitamin B -- is a style/usage in German for "connections"/"good network of friends" ... etc.


A Liberated Soul said...

Your sister is so nice! :) Take good care.

Anonymous said...

Sho.. one less to half century..

Vegam pazhayathu poleyaakatte (shaareerikavastha)..


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Yeah .. she's nice.. (almost as nice as I am) ;)


Well.. today came enough visitors anyway. :)

And health is improving fast.

Anonymous said...

you could easily win election :)

ഗീതാഗീതികള്‍ said...

Enjoy invalidity !


Get well soon.