16 February 2009

Do I have a hobby?

UPDATE/WARNING: After publishing the post, later I felt that I am simply blowing my own trumpet. It actually sounds so – the intention was not that though. (Is intention counted?)

To this question, I usually respond by naming one or two of reading, painting, photography, etc. Any of these, I do pretty much well, or so I believe. (perhaps not that good a photographer though).

I would have read about 30 books in 2008 – of which 20 fiction and the rest non-fiction. So, I may very well say that I am an above average reader (what is the average by the way?). May I not?

When it comes to painting, I would have done about 10-12 oil-paintings last year – of which about 6-8 were good. So, I may claim that too as a hobby of mine. May I not? My regular readers know about my amateur level! ;)

My photography skills are perhaps not that good. You may judge my skill here, where I have put some of the good ones ;). I have written the year during which the picture was taken. (clicking on the image shows it in better resolution)

Crackers for Sale! ;)

Olympic Hill (1972)
Up :  2004

Down: 2008
How to name it? Up: 2005

Down: 2009
Sunset in Garcing

Up : 2008

Owl in front of Computer Science Building


I can also add one more thing to the list – watching documentaries. I must have watched about 50 (40?) of them last year. This year I watch talks (mainly TED) or attend online lectures from Berkeley or MIT – which is not happening as frequently as I want to. :(

Even blogging could be added? (both posting and reading?)

But now the question is – can I really call any of them my hobby? Because I consider all of them really serious. Isn’t hobby a “leisure time pleasure” thing? – non-serious?

I should either consider everything I do as “Hobby” as I get pleasure from _everything_ I do Or since I make time for the above listed items, none of them should be considered hobby anymore.

In that case, is it even possible to have any hobbies? – because we (I) always have to make time for them (mainly because there is no spare time)! Confusion!! :( – So, do I have a hobby? or is life itself a hobby for me?

Signing off, Sands.

PS:  Well, how I reached this topic is pretty nice. I was planning to write about a TED talk I watched today – which very well matched with the topic of the book I am reading and then I was thinking of the time crunch I am facing lately – which lead me to think about my free time pleasures – landing up in hobbies! :)

Mind is damn complicated! :)


Anonymous said...


You are good in all the 3 hobbies.. :)

BTW, Don't you do anything in a 'non-serious' way?

Something like, hmm, collecting something when it comes to you and not going in search of it? :-/


Anonymous said...

Definitely you are a good photographer.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Thanks :)

Well, I am pretty-much non-serious in about everything.

"cool" headed "hot" chap! ;)


Thanks! :)

A Liberated Soul said...

You are one of those brainy guys. And I wonder! How you even think of passing by my blog :)

A Liberated Soul said...

The pics are great Sands.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

@ Soul...

I?? Brainy??? You don't know me! :)

Thanks! :)