1 March 2009

Let me criticise again …

But this time I shall be my own critic. One has to have a self-examination from time to time. I shall here present my vices (which are pointed out by some friends from time to time). I better list them out right?

  1. I value my time and I claim it.
    Well, there is nothing wrong with this - as far as I can think of. But the problem is, I seem to value my time more than others value their time. When I am busy, I don’t hesitate to tell “dude/dudie, I am busy, I gotta go”. I believe that everyone should do the same.

    And perhaps because of my pushy character, many people find it hard to deny me time. So, that ends up in a situation where I have my time when I want and I have others’ time too when I want. (It is not my fault but … they get a bad feeling as they don’t get my time when I am busy and they have to give me time even when they are busy – Nasty right?;)  )

    This is most probably an ability some people would love to have ,I guess. Still I need to put it as my number one vice. :( I am not planning to change this as I still do feel that my time is important. But I have to stop others feeling that I am preying on their weakness! ;)

    My time is precious, Your time is more precious – I know that.. but it’s your duty/right to claim it. Don’t complain that I am doing it. (I shall try to make it smooth and soft in future though)
  2. I tend to correct others
    I am a bit of a perfectionist. So, when I see someone doing something in a different way than mine (my way is the best way.. right? ;) )… I tend to give suggestions. Most of the times, my suggestions are accepted – but I happen to suggest even for silly things like ‘opening a bottle of wine/beer’ – where perfection is not that important. And people have their style – I must accept it.  

    To make it worse, I will be able to prove (with arguments) that my way is the right way.
    I have to control a bit of this behaviour of mine. May be control it more than a bit.
  3. I repeat what I said already
    This is another accusation. When I try to explain things, I tend to repeat things. To an extent it is true too. But I have not done enough research on this nature of mine – even though I have noticed it a couple of times.

    This perhaps is dependant on the other person’s body-language, response etc. More investigation is required. But if found to be true, it needs immediate attention.
  4. A bit of gluttony
    Well, is this a vice? At least the pope thinks so. For the same reason, I put it here even though without any intention of getting rid of this nature. ;)
  5. Way too talkative
    In almost any conversation, I happen to take more than 60% of all the time. All the same, there are some friends of mine with whom I end up talking almost 90% of the time and some others who give me only 5% because they take all the rest! ;)

    Still, I could work on this by making my conversation a bit more entertaining … so that others would love my conversation more & more and I can improve and get 75% instead of the present 60% ;)

That was a good list I believe. And I had been very honest in compiling the list. I might have left out some real bad nature of mine – which my friends-cum-readers are most welcome to point out. I’d be glad to know them and to make myself a better person.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Long posts – that is another vice! ;)

PPS: Should I start this as a TAG? “Write 5 vices of yourself” or something like that? (it might get popular) ;)


asha. said...

To the 5 th point ,

"Listen !! or your tongue will make you deaf.."
So the change from 60 to 75..Is it a good change or bad??
I am trying to change it from 95 to 50 :)

A Liberated Soul said...

Tag is a good idea.

A Liberated Soul said...

But please don't tag me :)