19 March 2009

Reflex – should we think before action?

For the past few days, I am always in a very elated, wonderful mood. Well, I was never ever in bad moods but the past days have found me always in extremely good mood. :)

[On thursday] kenken_6x6_CNET_1.9.2008_solutionFor the first time in life I played a bit of Kenken while coming from the university, in the train. Since it was cold (snowing), by the time I reached home, my left arm/palm was frozen like a piece of wood. Kenken is a very nice game – I read about it in TIME.

You see, I am already wandering. What I wanted to tell was about my reflex. Remember the old post in which I reported about jumping out of my seat to take the falling kid in my hand – resulting in the fall of my iPod?

Two days ago,  while coming from university, I got down a stop earlier than needed and walked my way home.

I was enjoying my walk, looking at people. A kid was coming on its small bike. He was pedalling quite fast and a zigzag route on the asphalt was his choice of fun. When he was about 8-10 metres in front of me, I had this intuition/pre-cognition* that he’d fall.

Before I finished thinking, he was about 3-4 metres in front of me and was falling down. (no, no .. I am not yet that good at magic :) )

I rushed to him, and took the kid, raised him. She (it was a she) had started crying. I said “nichts passiert” (means : nothing happened) and patted her. By that time her mom and dad reached the spot. They thanked me and took over the crying child.

But then I realised - my camera and phone were lying down. I had just ignored the things in my hand and put them down in my hurry to get the kid.

Panasonic-LumixDMC-LX1Why didn’t I think before dropping? Honestly, NOTHING would have happened even if I were 5 seconds late to reach the kid.

I am not trying to sound too selfish. But that camera and phone are (at least to me) pretty expensive. And I didn’t even think before dropping them; I didn’t even know. And I am sure I wouldn’t the next time either.

Well, I shouldn’t complain about instincts and reflexes right? They were not developed to save lives not cameras. I know that, still I cannot be too selfless either, right? :)

Had it been the time of hunter-gatherers, those mom and dad would have given me a chunk of meat from their hunt, for helping their child. Well, then how do I include a bicycle in a hunter-gatherer-picture? Hmm, May be I am missing the point. right? :(

Signing off,

PS: Where was my reflex on the day I had accident? :) {I know the answer, but let it be my secret ;) }

PPS: I read about the theory of precognition somewhere and have now totally forgotten what/where! – it was long ago – yesterday ;)


A Liberated Soul said...

It was nice of you to help the child.

Arun said...

Don't forget to think about your leg before you jump in again to save the day ;-p