23 June 2009

Fun of Breaking

I have to start with a bit of rant. I don’t like the smell of cigarette / tobacco on my clothes. The ban on smoking inside buildings just didn’t work out and people are smoking in buildings.

I don’t smoke, but I don’t have a big problem if there is some smell of cigarette in the air.

But it gets on to your clothes. Now, tonight, my pullover, T-shirt and even my vest stinks of it.

The very same thing happened 12 days ago as well. That time I was in a car.

And if I didn’t mention it earlier, I hate it when parents of small kids smoke. There was a mom who made me really angry by smoking when she had her kid in her hand.

Now to the topic: A couple of months ago, I took an old cup and decided that it was time for it to be broken. I held it up in the air, in very strategic position and dropped it. It just broke into a million little pieces. And from my habit of breaking glasses/cups/etc., I had learned to enjoy the sight!

On Saturday, I took the nice place which I had, which had a small 3mm diameter discoloration on one edge. I just wanted to see if I was strong enough to break it by bending. Yes, I was! And I just broke a plate.

(what is with me and breaking porcelain stuff?)

Signing off,

PS: I am sleepy and there could be many mistakes in the post. No proof reading.


Anonymous said...

Fun in breaking!!! :-O


Nightingal said...

- Good Nite
- Sweet Dreams

-Someone New

A Liberated Soul said...

Hehe...I liked it. The way you think its time for certain things to die...