4 June 2009

Geek Week

Since the last post, I wanted to update the blog with new entries and always had topics in mind, but never had enough time.

Once when I had time (waiting for the train), I even wrote down a post, but it was a bit too personal to publish.

And, now, when I finally have some time, I am confused with topics. :)

“Life if beautiful”, “The art of saying NO”, etc. are the topics I have in mind. But none goes well with my mood (sleepy after a less slept night; and after a heavy lunch) ;)

So, here comes a simple picture post. The ones who know about my love for keyboards and prime numbers shouldn’t be surprised.

I had been yearning to have a keyboard with no keys printed on it. Finally, I had to get to it by painting the keys myself. Pluck-the-keys, sand-paper-the-keys, spray-paint-the-keys and finally put them back and look at the beautiful, sexy keyboard and smile. And let the satisfaction flow out your mind.

P1000785P1000786 P1000784

As icing to the cake; as the cherry in the fruit-salad; as the topping of a pizza, I had the extra satisfaction when another keyboard too did go through the same, because of my influence.

Well, the influence took a 180 degree turn, and I found myself printing Malayalam tongue twister on my newly bought white canvas shoes. I had no white shoes, after listening to that little story of a man who wore white shoes, which my dad said long time ago. I never had a pair of canvas shoes after school.

The idea of having something written on the shoes was kind of novel to me. After thinking for a long time, as to what to write on the shoes (other than tongue twisters), prime numbers looked like very good candidates to me. So, now I can tell you random prime numbers even if I am in the middle of a street.


To make things interesting, there are 3-4 non-primes on the shoes and the ones who find them get a drink from me. :)

Signing off, Sands.


Hailstone said...

497, (2^32) - 1, 1027 and that long number in the other shoe..(429496755 (?))

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

It is not 497 (457)
2^32 and the long number are the same. (and it isn't prime) - Correct
And, it is not 1027, it is 2027

(You get half a cup of drink ;) )

Hailstone said...


What's that? 89 or 68?

I'm taking it as 68, thich is not prime :)

Hailstone said...

And, what's under that lace? Should be 377 (not prime);)

Vimal said...

You did what your laptop?

And who is the other person who followed your footsteps?

Asha said...

I loved the crazy useful stuff :)

Is there any prime number in the shoes other than mentioned by hailstone??

Arun said...

dude I can live with your keyboard, which looks sleek btw, but the Chucks dude...not those lovely Chucks!! boo hoo!

Karthik said...

call me, idiot...