9 February 2010

Another unstructured post

After so many days, today my mind is slow. I very much needed this slowing down to be able to sit and work on some algos/proofs.

Don’t we sometimes have ideas which are slippery and too big? By the time we grasp and get a grip on one end of it, the other end slips away. When you are working with algorithms and abstract-data-types and face this issue, it’ll drive you nuts.

Übrigens, my dance lessons are going great. I have improved by leaps and bounds. I still cannot dance without counting – so much for the non-multi-processing, single-core processor brain. 

The moment I stop counting and start flirting talking with my partner, I make mistakes. At least, that leads to laughter. :)

In a few months I hope to become a pretty good salsa performer. Then comes Tango.

Hey, I bought a bicycle – an MTB. I don’t have any photos yet, but believe me – he’s beautiful. Silver, strong and well-groomed. After not biking for the past 16 months or so, I am loving the idea of biking. This time, I shall be a bit more careful and will buy a helmet before I start biking.

Did my Indian readers notice that many of the recent songs are multilingual? Kollywood is doing an excellent job there – Tam/Gult/Malayalam mix – pretty neat, I’d say.

There are two songs here which I am more or less addicted to (in the recent time). My favourite lines below (no translation can do enough justice). Don’t bother the video, the lyrics/text is what matters.

Thuli Mazhai

sel sel avalidam sel - endrey kaalgal solluthada
sol sol avalidam sol - endrey nenjam kolluthadaa
azhagai manathai parithu vittaley

(Uncontrollably in love – the lines portray it well… don’t they? Hats off to the lyricist)

Oru Punnagai

eppadi en manam ippadi aanadho
appadi ennathaan unnidam ulladho

(I like the idea of saying: she’s a simple normal girl, and I love her for what she is.
Instead the old idea of she’s this, she’s that and blah blah blah)

Of course, I know that the post is not very structured. But as I said in the beginning, I was having some thought-structuring issues with some graph-heap-list-sorting-recursion-idea-slip (not to mention n, k, log_n, log_log_n etc.).

The main reason for the post itself was taking a break from those variables. :)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: I also seem to be in love with this Cat-Stevens’-Song from Harold and Maude. One could listen to a KUTTY-song even though not soooooooo great.


Jon said...

Blogger world is dull altogether it seems...

I love biking man..Excellente for body building.... I guess over there it's pretty easy to bike, naah? here its tough with bad roads, slopes...

sindhu said...

Should come in here more often, it offers everything packaged well!:)
from songs to biking, some salsa to anything under the sky...

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Dull... Is it?

and biking... it is indeed easy here. All well paved road for cycles and all :)


Yes you must visit the cool sun more often. :P

I am planning to write something soon above the sky too :)
So, you have more items to choose from.