1 April 2010

Simple reasoning (and again pictures?)

An excerpt from Bernard Shaw’s ‘Pygmalion’ (which I am reading now and enjoying very well):

PICKERING: Have you no morals, man?
DOOLITTLE [unabashed]: Can’t afford them, Governor. Neither could you if you was as poor as me. Not that I mean any harm, you know. But if Liza is going to have a bit out of this, why not me too?

Of course, moral codes and empty-stomachs cannot co-exist.

But the well educated and well doing, rich enough people? Shouldn’t they be at least honest? I am not talking about white lies – but serious hiding of things.

And it hurts when it is someone who’s close to me. Even when the dishonesty is not towards me. The idol breaks!

Would people do wrong, if they knew for sure that they won’t be exposed? I guess, many would. But isn’t there a conscience to which one is answerable?

‘Economy of life’ itself is a good reason to be honest. To lie – book keeping of who knows the truth, who knows which version etc. – is expensive.

Trustworthiness, integrity, credibility – one can never exaggerate their importance. Who am I to demand that others should be honest and trustworthy? I could only suggest, but the choice is ultimately theirs.

With a quote from Bernard Shaw himself, I shall wind up my write up.

The liar's punishment is not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.

Anyway, here are some pictures from my Weinheim/Heidelberg/Heppenheim trip – some towns in the south-west Germany.

Weinheim 2010-03-28 016Windows to heaven

Marita Weinheim 2010-03-28 041House-couple at the hillside

Marita Heppenheim 2010-03-30 001My tall-hostess and her parents

Marita Heppenheim 2010-03-30 003Towers of the fourth castle I visited in 3 days

Marita Heppenheim 2010-03-30 048The so typical and beautiful ‘fachwerk’ houses (townhall).

Marita Heppenheim 2010-03-30 050First flowers of the year.. we are still waiting for the spring here in Munich.

Marita Heppenheim 2010-03-30 062A little boy to keep the windows open :o

Marita Heppenheim 2010-03-30 064Every street-lamp has a story painted on it and a detailed account of the story at the bottom.

Signing off, Sands.



Jon said...

Should the fear of getting caught be the only reason for doing right!!!

good pics btw

Smita said...

I feel there is no excuse for dishonesty!! Be it poverty, need or power!!!

Lovely snaps :)

Anonymous said...

"Most morality is lack of opportunity" - Mark Twain.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics..


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

@ Jon...

We don't know anything about what goes in their minds... do we?

@ Smita..

well, when the stomach is empty, morality dies. - simple.

@ Sir..

Thank you for that one. Hadn't heard before.

@ Vivek..

Thanks :-)

A Liberated Soul said...

Nice pics! Which cam do u have?

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

@ Soul..

Thanks :-)

Panasonic Lumix (DMZ-TZ3)