1 February 2011

Go with the winner?

I read the following in “The Hindu

It is obviously in our interest to be on the right side of the new forces that will emerge to prominence in Egypt. They will remember who supported them in their hour of history and who sat on the fence.

I am not a diplomat, I don’t know a lot of such things, but with a little bit common-sense (which I think I do have), I think that the author would be on the side of a rapist if the victim doesn’t have a way to get the justice (or in other words, the rapist is in power!).

Well, this issue need not be like an assault on a person. But then, I would think we could refrain from being involved rather than being just opportunistic. (Should India support a military coup against a democracy if the military side is going to get the power?)

I don’t think that a newspaper shall promote any article like that. Sure, the rest of the article might say something totally different. But.. honestly, I didn’t read it with much care, after seeing the above.

In case you want to read the opportunist article, go here.


PS: In this specific case, people seem to be right and they also seem to be having a better future. But the latter shall not be the reason to support them.


Anonymous said...

Is this a surprise?

And as far as the rape victim incident is concerned, within South Asia, is it not the case?

I don't understand that last sentence of yours.

Anyhow, good to see you writing again, Dr:-)

Smita said...

There are many Opportunistic people around and they feel that in the present times if you have to move ahead u have to be that ways. Matter of personal choice I say. For some ppl self interest is the only need.

So how have u been?

Jon said...

well if we are bound to gain something out of d mess...let's stand with the one who 's messing it up
are nt we doing that in Myanmar or in Tibet!!

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

gone are the days when india's foreign policy was based on principles. today it is expediency.

good post. thought provoking. like the example:-)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


It took some time before I realised it is YOU. Good to see you here!


Am/Was good.. just busy.
Self interest is all fine.. but, I just don't understand many things.. let's put it that way.



@KT chechi..

Thanks for dropping by!
Regarding the eg., I consider 'rape' as one of the most evil things. So, I thought, an extreme eg. might put things in perspective.

Anonymous said...

LOL, the name of the Anon is Kajan:-)

Realized only after submitting that I hadn't put my name done.