6 February 2011

Time for me

I generally have a mental block to say that I am tired. I like to be energetic all the time and almost always I am energetic too.

But last week, at work, I felt kind of exhausted. The work is really enjoyable and I put in my 100%, and towards the end of day Thursday, I felt like I was burning myself out. Then for some reasons, I didn’t have enough sleep of that night and Friday, afternoon, I felt really burned out.

So, I spent the two days of weekend to rejuvenate myself.

IMG_0317  IMG_0308

The weather being good, I went out on a very small/short bike trip… by the side of the river flowing near my home.


IMG_0313  IMG_0314

Sunflower looks like this in winter! :)


IMG_0324  IMG_0326

I was not the only person who enjoyed the weather..


IMG_0319  IMG_0320

On the way, there was a stable! (with three horses)


Now I am all set for the coming week – during which I know, I have to finish loads of work.

Taking the weekend for relaxing, leaves me with so many unread RSS feeds, non-replied emails and unfinished “letters” and other business – all of which I hope to catch up (and finish) in the coming days.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead..

Signing off, Sands.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics as usual..


Anonymous said...

Kidu photos


Jon said...

excellent fotografs!!