8 October 2006

Ich bin kaputt

Yes, I am completely out of my mind. Tomorrow I have my meeting with professor and don’t have any clue about what am I going to discuss. I think I have been working quite okay, during the week. Still I feel that I don’t have anything solid to talk about. May be it’s fine, not every week I can prepare to my best.


This must be the last weekend on which I am working. Weekend break really refreshes you to be ready for work. And this is the real reason for which I am out-of-order. Next weekend I am going out somewhere. If possible, to the Fairy Tale Castle. This weekend O didn’t even go to Wal-Mart. Not because I was working – it was bad weather.


My sister is starting her engineering. She is becoming my junior at GEC. It really excites me. She would be going to IC too. I don’t know whether first year students go to IC. How will she be? Will she become a Linux evangelist? Or will she be like most of the normal girls? – Just not much into the philosophy or flame-wars about these free/non-free software. I don’t have any clue. But, for sure I WILL NOT try to influence her over these things. I am not even going to talk about these things to her – since I have quite a good influence over her thoughts. Let her learn for herself; talk with classmates, seniors and Pramode sir. Once she gets some funda[1] of her own, I should know how she thinks. I am already excited by these thoughts. If I, being her brother, have this much excitement, how much excited my parents would be about her? How much excited they would have been about me? There is only one thing which I have asked her to do – try to have an aggregate over 75% - I wanted to have it and I couldn’t !! (I was very bad at university exams!!) Is it wrong to have such a desire that let her accomplish what I couldn’t?


Nothing comes to my mind so that I can write.. Just empty!! Bryan Adams is singing … “Everything I do… I do it for you….


Signing off, Sands.


[1] Student Slang at IIT Madras [Funda (noun): Fundamental principle/concept/idea : The funda is simple] – There is even a Master Thesis done about the Lingo at IIT Madras. [LINK PDF]


Anonymous said...
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Karthikeyan said...

yeah 75% is very important if she is planning to do MBA etc..
But most important is the fact that real knowledge has no substitute.

lakshmi said...

endamme enthoru promptness :)

Karthikeyan said...


basically we are students and we dont have any jobs :)

lakshmi said...

daa, we can now have tags in blogger.

Karthikeyan said...

ur mallu blog is getting updated..what abt this blog ?
also it will be gr8 if u can write the same posts in english for non mallus like me

Joy-of-nothing said...

just now I commented on lakshmi's blog...
that nothing is written for audience is written for audience - True
but its sort of warning

Joy-of-nothing said...

shared my profile