3 October 2006

Who should read my blog?

In Karthik's blog he says that you should give your blog-address to close friends only.

Acquaintances should not read the blog. Others can read if they come to know about it or come across it. But the advantage is that they would not come across in ur daily life or if they become ur friends, then it would be in the close friends circle ( somehow this theory of mine should be refined. Help needed....)

If you have a blog, let everyone read it. If you have something which you don't want anyone to see but you want to write, make the blog and keep it as draft forever. Or if you want to share something with a selected few, write it in a mail and send it across. His feeling comes from the thought that what someone would think while reading the blog?
Personally, I don't think what others think about what I think. I think for me. It doesn't matter what others might feel about it. If I write something, let people read it - irrespective of their relationship with me. Or if it is a secret, I don't write it in the blog. Blog is basically an open book or public white board and don't restrict anyone.
Another option you can do is to have a blog and be an unknown author. Act to be Mr. X and disclose you identity to the selected few.
I recently created a new blog (Malayalam). Before creating, I thought I'll play some Mr. Unknown - I have always wanted to be a Mr. Unknown (kind of fantasy). I even created a new blog and all setup. But finally I decided that whatever I say has to be mine and I would be proclaiming that proudly. Why should I think some person should not know that it's I who is thinking/writing? Hence I came back with my real identity - I was very uncomfortable till I came back to ME - That is my existence. So this Mr. X thing really doesn't appeal me.
My answer to the question in the title is this - I don't care as long as a few selected people DO read it. I want them to read it. Others don't matter.


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