2 December 2006

The thief in the ship

There is a saying in Malayalam "kallan kappalil thanne" - the thief is in the ship itself. The saying is not the perfect one for the situation which I am going to describe. Still it's what came to my mind.

Most of us have lived with different roommates, they all were different in their own ways. You might find roommates who eat all the stuff you buy or who makes the place always dirty. Or even the other way - you eat all the stuff he/she buys and he/she never says anything. Anyway roommates give you a better knowledge about how people are.

Now, I am staying as a paying guest. Many times, the house owners get fed up with the "guest" and kick him out. I am sure that's not happening here. I am a very good tenant who helps them with the problems with their computer and other small helps. Here the villain is the landlady's (hostess's) son. He eats my food! Not just once.. many many many times.

He takes the juice, ice cream, sausage, meat-rolls and what not! The first day he took he told me that he was unaware that it was mine. But it continued. I come back from somewhere and find nothing in the fridge. Do you know hows that feeling? It's a lovely feeling.. words cannot express it.

Almost every night his brother comes to me and apologises for this food thief. Anyway the "thief" is not ready to stop. I am not directly talking to this fellow because I know he's going to be here only for only two more weeks. So his brother is asking him to be decent.

Last evening, I had one of my friends with me for dinner. I just started cooking and this "thief" came and requested me whether I can give him some food. I don't understand why I act like an "asshole". Instead of saying "balls to you", I thought - "poor fellow, he's hungry". I always think I have a heart made of stone. Still at these kind of situations I just cant say anything. I get this "poor thing" feeling and I offer help. Anyway I gave him food.

In the table, he was behaving even worse. He was taking the curry as if the whole curry was for him. Finally I had to put a control on that. You see, I was trying to be nice and he was exploiting me more!

I really appreciate him. How a man can be this shameless? Now, you might be thinking - he would be young. No!! he's 25 years old. Actually older than me.

After all of that, I came back to my room and laughed for sometime. The whole affair was really funny. It's a new experience and learning.

Wanted to write some more things. Not now.

Signing off, Sands.


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

This happened to be the "real" 50th entry !!


Hiran said...

how was casino royale!!

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