9 December 2006

The day when I am everywhere

I am writing this post from Dubai International Airport. Today is December 9th 2006. And today I am actually no-where!

Yes, I started from Munich on 8th December and will be reaching Kochi on 10th of December. Today I am spending all my time in three flights and two airports - which could be said that I am no-where or even Every where :) [See the title]

This post is going to be in "God of small things" style. That means, you would find some things from present, then past, then some things about future too. There is no guarantee that it would make any sense to the reader. (Actually, God of small things didn't make sense to many!! Anyway I liked the book and the style too)

The first thing I noticed when I landed here was that, while some things are kept very well, some other stuff are not maintained well. For eg., the bus which took the passengers from the flight to the lounge was no way comparable to the ones you see in Germany (Esp. Munich). The security check was even worse. I don't expect that sort of congestion in Munich Airport. But once you enter the lounge, you see the difference. You will be standing in a very well maintained, clean, beautiful place. The duty free shop, the artificial palm trees and pillars with golden spirals on top of it and even the carpet which gives you the feeling that you are on real desert. You continue to walk and find that the Internet facilities and the area for smokers, these two things simply suck. It's a huge airport and I could find only 20 systems altogether. One end of the lounge has 10 and another 10 at the other end. And a couple of them doesn't work too. However, except for a few things, the Airport is one among the best.

The past two days were hectic for me. Thursday was the best. My day started at 9 in the morning and it was 11:45 when I was back at home. And then I had to do the packing. Slept only for 4:30 hours. Even yesterday was pretty busy. I missed the S-Bahn (Suburban Train) which I had planned to take to the airport. Anyway, I had expected it and had put enough buffer time. :)

Had quite long discussions with Peter, yesterday. Professor was busy and the talk was for just 30 minutes. I went around to say bye and to wish happy Xmas and new-year to my colleagues. When I told about going to India, one of them asked

"Are there poisonous snakes in the area you live?"

"Yes, there would be"

"Would it be possible to get the tooth of a poisonous snake?"

"I don't know, let me see"

"If possible, get one for me. I would pay if it costs"

"May I know what the purpose could be?"

"I just want to use it on my chain/necklace"

"Fine, Let me see whether it's possible"

It sounded a little funny to me. But when I thought about the "tiger-nails" I used to wear, there is nothing funny in wearing tooth of a poisonous snake.

The airport is quite crowded. I can see many Indians. It's a long time since I saw these many Indians together! I am going to see today even more. In the wash-room, the sweeper was an Indian, and should I say explicitly that he was a mallu? It was written on his face that he's a mallu. I cant believe this - those people who don't do any work in Kerala are doing any kind of job here. He comes abroad to become a sweeper. I know, opportunities are less in Kerala, still I can say it for sure that he wouldn't have thought about doing some human-labour there in his home land. Mallus come to Gulf for doing this work here, and the work in Kerala is taken care of by Tamilians. I think, a mallu coming to Gulf is exactly as a Turkish guy going to Germany. His land of opportunities. (Notice the structure of the second last line. It really says where am I located now)

In the afternoon, I'll be going to another land of opportunities - Bombay. Thinking about how the airport will be in Mumbai, I know it's going to be no where near Munich/Dubai. Still it'll be my first time in Bombay airport. I will be meeting my friend Nisha there. Lately, wherever I go, I have someone there whom I know. Some relative/friend etc. My network is growing.

Last night, the S-Bahn which I took after the one I missed, it stopped in between two stops for sometime. Something like the stop in between "Peramboor" and "Chennai central" (there was no foul smell). I started to get tensed. If it gets stuck there, I cant even get a taxi near that place. Anyway the halt was only for 5 minutes. In the next stop, Jimmy and Arun joined me. They just came to see me off. It was definitely a nice gesture even though it was not necessary.

Even in the flight I found an acquaintance of mine. He too is going home with his family for Xmas. Lucky them - they have a direct flight from here (Dubai) to Trivandrum.

A couple of years back, I used to wonder - "how come my father has friends wherever he goes?". But now I am kind of having it in a Global sense (a little exaggerated). Feels good :). Is this something to feel good about? [See the title again]

In the flight to Bombay, I should not take liquor. I am going to meet her. She's not going to like it. Usually I don't care whether others like it or not. But I should care in this case. I would be sleeping all the time in the flight. There is lot of pending sleep. I am suffering from high levels of sleep deficiency.

Some people tend to forget even the minimum manners. Like, warning the person sitting behind you, before pushing your seat back. Yesterday the lady who was sitting in front of me just pushed her seat back and hurt my leg. Similarly, today after the security check in Dubai, the guard was shouting at me "GO" when I was getting my things back from the conveyor belt and wearing my belt around my waist. I think, these things should be learned from Germany (Munich). How nice the people there are. Very decent people.

I am hungry and thirsty. I had one cappuccino and one croissant (26 DHS). The croissant was ultra-bad. :(. The water which I had collected from the flight also is over. And as I said, many things are neglected in this airport, there is no drinking water available anywhere!

So far, that's the story. Let me go around to get some more stuff. The post is quite long. I heartily congratulate you if you read this much.

Signing off, Sands


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good post :D.. infact very different as u said ....
I like this style.let me try this once

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പാമ്പിനെപിടിച്ച്,കരിങ്കല്ലുകൊണ്ട് പല്ല് കുത്തിപ്പൊട്ടിച്ചെടുക്കുന്ന കാര്യം ഞാനേറ്റു:)....!!!

liked ur scribbles :)..keep writing!