31 December 2006

Vacation is beautiful

Even though I hardly miss home when I am away from home, I really do have a good time at home. I packed a couple of books to read at home but I never had a chance to touch them. So busy all the time. Isn't it good? - This topic would take a long to write. So, will write later.

I've been trying to improve my writing skills for the past few months. I do feel that it has improved quite a lot. Still a long way to go. It was just two days back I read poomanam - she is really good. I really loved the post she had put in her my-think-pad about her brother. I even read it for my mother. Poomanam's style is terrific. Thanks to the blog-jantu friends who fell in love with the short-tempered durs. They guided me to poomanam.

Now it's time for making resolutions. Not because it's the beginning of another year. I am re-starting/continuing my research after a very relaxing vacation which changed some major equations in my life. On getting back to Munich, what changes should I make in my life style and other activities? What all should be my accomplishments in the next spell of research - until I take next break or get some internship?

This is the time to think and make the master plan. I even need another small plan to follow the master plan properly! (how many levels of recursion should I need?). Will be putting another entry with some of such ideas and plans for the future.

Gotta go for a "nishchaya-thamboolam" - marriage engagement. There will be food there :)

Signing off,

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