6 May 2007

Coincidence? Telepathy? What should I call?

Notice: I hate putting links in a post. Links in the text could interrupt the flow of reading. Apparently, I had to put a couple of links. To get the flow, it is not necessary to follow them. You could simply read through and finally click on them - which are given at the end too.
During my IIT days, Saturday was the best day of the week - because of three reasons. The first and foremost was that Hiran used to visit me on Saturdays, second one being the variety dinner on Saturdays and finally the movie at Open Air Theater.

The very last Tuesday (May day), my day was more or less similar - or almost the same, except that Hiran came only to my mind and I didn't watch a movie. I was thinking about him, the night walks and all - a lot. I also thought about that it is a long time since I talked with him. And is it simply a coincidence that now I have to call him for some reason? I really need to call him for getting something done. I know it is, still not able to believe it as a coincidence that I was thinking about him.

On 30th of April, last Monday, I was coming home in bus. My friend was with me. We were discussing about the future of PCs Vs Internet. While telling her my opinion and the way I see it, using Moore's law and my calculations, I predicted something. Is it a mere coincidence that on 3rd of May came THIS article? Of course, the author has thought through it more that I had. But more or less it was the same I talked about... just 3 days back.

Now let's have a picture.

One day I came home from university to see that. How many days I've come home like that? Still that very day, the way I saw my room, I wanted to take that picture. The straight line created by sun's rays and the reflection on the book really looked good to me.

Is it again a coincidence that the name of the book on which the reflection happened was "Mathematical Reflections"?

I am a regular blogger. I read a couple of blogs regularly. The post which was planned for today was a post on Reading. Last night, to be precise, at midnight came an RSS feed from one of my regular reads - HERE - Is this again a coincidence? or is this telepathy? Anyway, someday I'll write about reading for my own satisfaction.

The very same thing had happened once HERE too.

These are just a couple of incidents or co-incidents (coincidences) of the many happening to me. Initially they were very surprising and now I find them really amusing.

The kind of parallel thoughts I get with my friend living 4 buildings apart - they are so frequent that they aren't coincidences anymore. Again, since we live in similar environments we might be thinking alike.

Does this happen to everyone? or am I developing some ESP? :)

Signing off, Sands.

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Black is beautiful said...

we both walking in bangalore.. seeing a banyan tree roots.. we both said at the same time "lets go to kerala"...