16 May 2007

The Paper Day, Kids and their teachers too ;)

A couple of days/weeks back I had written about switching to complete digital life. I was mostly successful in that except that I had not cleared out the mess of old papers, the very old leaflets, notices etc.

I am planning to sit and clean up the whole mess tomorrow. I was planning for it now. As a part of cleaning, I thought of taking away the other mess of the past two days too. While washing the broken cup, I got a decent cut on my right thumb! So, I cannot do stapling or similar organizing work tonight.

Anyway before I move to the serious stuff, let us enjoy the picture I took from my window. It was raining and I found it very beautiful.

Hey, no need to worry. Today, I am not going to write about something controversial. I am into a real baby thing. I cannot say 'baby thing', but I say it 'kid thing'.

I love kids. Aren't they cute? I am not talking about the small babies one has to carry all the time. I am talking about the children of the age 3 - 10.

The place where I live is a developing area. New apartments and buildings are coming every 3 months. Of course, the new apartments are always taken by new families. The people are about to settle in life.

That means there are quite a number of children in my area. To give you an idea of how many children are in my area, I shall tell you something. If I look from my kitchen window, I can see 4 kindergartens. Yes, I say FOUR kindergartens. This is except the baby-care place situated in my building itself. That is mainly for the real babies.

Do you believe me now, that there are a LOT of children in my area?

I cannot tell how many hours I have spent watching those children playing in the kindergarten just opposite to my kitchen. There are times during which, more than children, their teachers attracted me ;). Why don't you too have a look?

Sorry guys, blood is dripping on... from my thumb to the keyboard. I am making an abrupt stop here. Wanted to write more about kids and the kind of girlish feelings :)

Finding something/someone "cute" is only said for girls? Is there anything wrong if I find kids to be soooooo cute?

Signing off, Sands.

PS1: I could say that this post was written with my blood ;)
PS2: The cut is very small; I love to exaggerate

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Hiran said...

`girlish' for those who don't like kids. I never realized that kids can be so wonderful, until i came close to my sister's kids. i never miss spending time with them.