7 September 2007

Blues... Reds Yellows Pinks Violets

The conference is over. I have 3.5 more days here in Dublin. I have to go around in Dublin and actually have lot of time. I definitely would do that. Have to plan things well.

I am going to think a lot... I feel that I am in a real thinking mood - away from home, away from friends, away from Internet (most of the time). I have a couple of books with me of which I already finished one and have 3 more. I plan to finish two of them before I get back to Germany.

So, the coming 3 days are only for traveling, reading and THINKING: I already feel a little suffocated - with some inexplicable feeling. I always feel this when I think deeply about my PhD. I don't know how to put it - but definitely one of the worst feelings. Get used to it :) [I know that most of the other PhD students can understand it]

So, Now is the break I needed.. desperately. Break from everything, as for the coming 25 days, I have to burn my butts off -- 1) My Interim Report, 2) A small paper 3) Workshop organization 4) MentorING 5) Karthik coming and 6) Oktoberfest.


Most of the scars fade away as time passes. Even the scars made directly on your heart. But there is this single one made by a deep cut - it doesn't seem to disappear. Every time I start forgetting about it, something reminds me of it. This is really surprising that I, of all the people have this kind of a thing.

I take _almost_ everything quite light and also forget (bad)things very easily. This one is still staying.

I would have wanted to ask my readers' help - but I think I am tied. :(

At present I have other things to do... so let me move from the "blues" to other stuff! [read the title]

Dublin is pretty expensive. I already feel that there is a hole at the bottom of my pocket. Money is flowing. But I cannot avoid the unavoidable - enjoyment, fun :)

Let me go ahead and freak out.

Signing off, Sands.


Hailstone said...


Pls don't for much philosophical thoughts.

Hope you understand what I mean.

Black is beautiful said...

karthik coming -- is a natural event... u dont need to burn ur butts off for that... u dont need to adjust for that rite ? i ll fit in ..

and cryptic thing... i didnt get it... anyways I ll know the answers once i see u

Anonymous said...

Pls don't *go* for much philosophical thoughts.

Thadiyum, mudiyum neetti valarthanda.. :))


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

don't worry

you coming is a personal event.. agreed!

cryptic thing is supposed to be cryptic ... isn't it? ;)