5 September 2007

I am thinking.... - from Dublin

For the first time I am outside mainland Europe. First time in a country where I can simply speak in English - to any stranger/bus-driver/shopgirl etc. This is the farthest I have come from India. I am in Dublin.

For the first time in my life I really followed all the instructions literally - in the flight. Still I was a little worried. :)

It is no wonder they say "ignorance is bliss". After seeing the documentary on plane-crashes and all, I was educated about the precautions to be taken in a flight and hence I was a little concerned. Also, the flight from Munich to Frankfurt was a little rough.

Anyway, the flight from Frankfurt to Dublin was really cool. After sometime in the flight, the pilot announced that we will be crossing the English Channel soon and then fly over Liverpool and Birmingham.

My thoughts surprised me. I related English channel with "Satanic Verses" of Rushdi - the plot begins with the flight from London flying above English channel. The school story of "Cheeses from Liverpool" came to my mind when I heard Liverpool.

And the name which I thought about, when I heard Birmingham was nothing other than "Sherlock Holmes". He had been there for a couple of cases.

All the things I connected with these real places were some novel/story/character. That really surprised(s) me.

I reached Dublin at the scheduled time.

It is bad to compare cities - that too just with the initial appearances. Dublin looks not as clean as Munich. Dublin is a little dark too. People are not really following the traffic signals. Public transportation is OK. More about Dublin and the conference would come later - in a special "Dublin + Conference Edition post".

Now to the title. I was observing -- that I was thinking a lot while flying.. I was even thinking about thoughts -- kind of meta thoughts? Lot of things flashed through my mind all through my flight... and the trend is continuing even after I reached here. You know what? - I am seriously thinking about Philosophy and all those stuff - real serious! [What happened to me? Suddenly?]

I am sitting in an Internet cafe (Dublin has a lot of them). Now it's already too late to get back to my hostel. My feet are killing me - from the long walks .. that too the new pair of shoes is not that comfortable.

Let me make a move.. should reach my hostel by 9:00.

More interesting details later.

Signing off, Sands.

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Black is beautiful said...

i remember abt IRA and fredrick forsyth's novels when u speak abt dublin...
enjoy ireland..