6 September 2007

Fish out of water!

Reporting from an Internet cafe.

I don't have much time today to write all the details. In a hurry to go to hostel.

Today I had my dinner in the dining hall of Trinity College Dublin. A huge hall - about 400-500 years old. I think I was the only Indian in the whole group of roughly 100 mathematicians. I am not sure I am a mathematician.

I don't know --- what am I? mathematician or computer-scientist? whatever .. that's not the question here.

I was sitting among these great people and I was feeling very uneasy; like, whether I deserve to sit among them or not?

I know, those people are really like gods in cryptography and I am nobody. Compared to their knowledge, I am even worse than illiterate. I felt very odd while sitting there.

We were discussing quite a lot of stuff. At the end when the mathematician-couple left, the wife wished me - "You are very young... Get married and have a loooot of children". Just 5 minutes back they were telling the problems they faced while parenting! I mentioned this - just to prove that they were really very friendly and also were like common/normal human beings.

Hey, gotta go. So in a nutshell this is it. I am very proud to have been able to go to such places and dine with great people whom I respect a lot. At the same time... I feel really very odd and kind of inferior when I am there with them!

I should work more and earn it.. earn more than this. A mixture of feelings..! Let me get back to Munich... I have lots to write. I am physically very tired and mentally very energetic... and right now, body wins - I have to get to my room.

Signing off, Sands.



Black is beautiful said...

destined to do great things..............

Dinil said...

Take the positives - its a wonderful experience for you.

Have fun.