7 April 2008

Longest Trip

lufthansa I am all set for one of the longest single journeys till date. The time it would take from my starting point to the final destination = 48 hours! I think, I am going to enjoy all of it. (My luggage consists of just two backpacks!)

Everything is ready - packed and weighed. I need to buy one or two small things tomorrow.

A small change in the plan. Frankfurt railway station, instead of airport, will be having the honor of hosting me for a night... - as late night check-ins are not permitted. Well, I'll have to search for a warm place in the railway station - to rest and to sleep.

For my readers' relief: I might be taking a two week's break from this blog. (But still keep looking, I might write.)

Signing off, Sands.


sandeep said...

have a gud trip buddy ... r u coming via blore?

Anonymous said...

happy journey! :)


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

Thanks friends.

Yes, via Bangalore :)
We will meet :)