4 April 2008

Change of interests (reading)

Song des Moments [Song of the moment] :  Vizhikalil vizhikalil vizhunthu vittay, Enakkul enayaey olithu vethay... ... Sithariya idhayathe thirudi vittay  the_selfish_gene

Guru used to tell me to not waste lot of time in mere fiction. Read something solid - that's what his point was. Yeah, it did make sense. But as a beginner to English literature, I was not ready to start anything other that light weight fiction and thrillers.

Lately, in the past few months, I have been reading something really good. (Auto)Biographies or fact-books and stuff like that. Still, I am a beginner in this area. Right now, I plan to read all the books by Richard Dawkins - I will be finishing my second book by him in 3-4 days.

I am not sure whether I'll be able to read a lot once I come back from India. A friend of mine has promised (threatened?) to come and stay with me for the coming one year. He is a special character - very possessive. He wouldn't let me go out, go around with friends, will try to control me a lot. And he is a theoretical computer science freak - he want's me to teach him some math. Well, to teach him, I'll need to learn things first!

There is only one problem with him - he can do only one thing at a time - just one thing. But the plus is that he can do it for hours with good concentration. Need to learn that technique from him. Will keep you updated. It's been a few years since I met him - I am all excited to see him again.

News Update:

  1. 7 courses of German are over. I proved again to be a good student. All the courses were with Daniela - the best teacher I've ever had. Oh boy, if I start to write about her, I can't stop. I want to become a teacher like her. She has promised to come and attend my class - just to see how well I'd do!
  2. In the month of March, I lost some pounds (precisely 5.5 pounds). Now I am back to my ideal weight 69kg. So, operation pot-belly did work. [operation included - biking and sleeplessness ]

That's all for now.
Stay tuned for the same channel - some day some time.. :). Signing off, Ungal Sandeep. :)

PS: Seriously considering to use TCS as my signature: The Cool Sun = TCS = Theoretical Computer Science.



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